Dumb dumb-trainer question

I normally do my indoor rides at Life Time on a Stages spin bike. That’s out, and it’s going on a week of raining here in Austin, so I busted out the rollers (usually just do an easy recovery spin with them on M and/or Wed), and attached a front fork stabilizer so I could concentrate on hitting power levels for TR workouts. When I open the TR app on my phone, I tap the button to ride without power (don’t have a power meter) and am able to follow the workout. But when the completed workout pops up on the calendar, it shows estimated TSS, but no option to put the actual value in myself. So my weekly total shows 0 TSS. Is there a way to manually enter the value? On my outdoor rides (no power meter, but Garmin watch), the Garmin Connect app syncs w/ TR and adds my ride to the calendar (no TSS score), but there is a button to estimate TSS. Any way to do the same for the trainer? Thanks