TSS assignment for TR workouts without power data

This morning I did a TR workout using the iOS app, HR strap and a hotel stationary bike. No power data was recorded, only heart rate. I was changing resistance following the workout power target, gauging the effort by my HR.

How do I manually assign a TSS value to this workout now? TR is currently showing zero.


Never done a non power meter tr ride but on imported rides there is an estimated tss option on rides with no power data.

That’s right, but I cannot find a way to do so for TR workouts without power data.

I had to do this during renovations.
My workaround was to add ‘other activiy’ ,name it after the TR workout and the enter the TSS manually.
Seems you can’t match it to the actual workout so i just deleted those after the fact.

looks like this, not the prettiest but at least the weekly TSS and graphs are correct now :

I also use Training Peaks which will assign a hrTSS based on HR data if no power data is available.

Thanks, makes sense.

Yes, this is what I am doing as well