Manual Entry of a "non bike" activity - Trail Building

Is there a way to manually add TSS for a non bike activity. For instance, if I am busting my ass for 4 hours building mountain bike trails and I would like to add 75tss to my “career” to account for this physical stress is there a way to do that without having to wear a heart rate monitor?

Select the “Other Activity” option when adding a workout, then choose “Custom” and set the TSS at your best guess.

Whilst how you count TSS is up to you where do you draw the line in counting ‘other’ activities. Do you add walking the dog but only if it 30minutes or more etc.

Hi guys,

I did a huge ride for more than 220 km and 3500m up, but at the end, my Garmin jammed and I lost all the data. I´ve put manualy that dire to Strava with photos, but Trainerroad does not sync that one… so I tried to add that activity as descibed above, but even when I marked that activity as completed, it never changed the TSS totals and when I made a refresh, that activity dissapeared…so it seems to me like if that could be a protection against artificial enhancing the TSS, but who would like to do that?
I find that strange, I did that big workout, but it won´t appear in my TSS history. That sucks. The same goes for my activities on cross country skying, Trainerroad refuses to add that TSS, I don´t get it…
Could we change that please @Nate_Pearson ?

Contact to see if they can help.