Adding training stress from other sports to your TR training stress score


I dont know if this has been asked exactly this way before but I’d love to add my non trainer road workout stress scores into trainer road. For example, last week I did a 2 hour backcountry ski tour which strava estimated to have a “relative effort” of 235 or so, it was all largely zone 3-4 stuff with a lot of uphill. I can obviously see it on strava fitness and freshness, but I’m using TR as my go to fitness planner etc - is there any way to add training load such as this to the trainer road app and the TR TSS ? Without it, I’m getting a very partial picture of where I am using TR. Specifically as I’m trying to manage my fatigue, weirdly though there is a mismatch between strava relative effort and TR TSS, neither of them seem to match up. Strava has me continually losing fitness since i started TR as the TR workouts appear to strava to be relatively low effort… I know they are wrong, hence I’d like to see all my training stress in TR. I’d also like to replace a bunch of cycling with a bunch of ski touring while its snowing as well but I know its not like for like!

If its being uploaded to TR through Strava then you’ll have the option to assign TSS to it.

You can do so via the calendar on the website.

You can also select through the app to view the activity on the website. From there you can select “estimate TSS”

I dont think TR takes anything other than rides from Strava, or if it does, I dont see it…maybe just user error.

Nope, just cycling right now.

But is there anyway to manually asign a TSS estimate to an day or a slot in the calendar for example? There’s not so many of these but they all tend to be relatively big efforts (for me, a weakling :slight_smile: )


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Cool, ty. That’ll do me!

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oops, yes you’re right!