Managing training through consecutive races weekends?

Tentative race schedule is out and its looking like once May hits I will be racing every weekend consecutively from May 19th to June 23rd. This season, neither of the races I usually target as A races are on the calendar (usually an XC course I like in June and a road race in September).
The 5 races include Road, XC and Gravel.

The other complication is I am taking a trip to Portugal in May for 10 days at the start of May, so will be off the bike for a bit before going into 5 consecutive weekends of racing.

Iā€™m wondering how best to adjust my training (use adaptive training) through this period, to not get overly fatigued.

I would be okay with picking either the June 16th Road or June 23rd Gravel races an A race.
Not sure what the separation between A races needs to be, have a race in August that I could also pick as a A race but may be too short of a period between A races for that.

In total of 10 races on the calendar not including the ~6 weekends of Sat/Sun double header CX races in Oct/Nov.

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