How many races on your schedule?

I recall Jon and Ivy discussing “A” vs “B” events on a previous episode.
I have six gravel races, two of which would be “A” races and all 50-65 mile distances, and one ultra-endurance 48 hour, RAAM qualifier in October.

I would like to hear from the masses, how many events are on your calendar?

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Two A Sea Otter & Leadville
Four B Rock Cobbler, Paydirt, Lutsen99’r, Tahoe Trail 100

Master’s XCM plan on TR plus Wukarfit minimal equipment & starting a nutritionist today. Not being able to eat 5 hours in is not a good thing.


Zero A races this year. Maybe one B race (in the past) and a few C races.

Just not in the mood this year.


1 A race. XCM in June.
Family duties have largely kept me from training, so I’m really going just for fun.

Otherwise, 2 self-supported centuries planned but not scheduled. I’m trying to rope in a few friends.

2 “A” races - Unbound (A+) and Leadville (A-)
5-7 “B/C” races (would have been a couple more if I didn’t get injured in January)
Castell Grind
La Grind Stage Race
Rule of 3
Austin Rattler
Big Sugar
Maybe some fall Marathon MTB stuff or other local gravel stuff

I feel like mine are different than most here because I mostly do crits but I’ve done 15 already this year. I have probably 6 or 7 on the calendar still. Plus 1 gravel race. And I’d like to do Gran Fondo Maryland later in the year. Then hopefully a full season of CX with at least one national weekend (Either VA Blue Cross or Charm City). I can do a lot because they’re short races.

Looks like 10 “days” in the last 12 months, but some crit days are 2 or 3 races per day. Only one A race (Tour of the Gila). Hoping to do more next year.

From what I’ve read, Sea Otter and Leadville are on a different level of racing. I’m just trying to survive my local scene. Best of luck to you this season.

I’ve never done a Crit. Stuff looks a tad risky at times and with crazy power numbers. I would be out the back in no time. Best of luck to you this season.

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Family needs really dampens the dreams some times. Enjoy those Centuries.

4 For Me.

Local C Race in April.

Wilmington Whiteface 100K (C - Good Practice, no Taper) - June 2

Lutsen 99’er (B+ - Leadville Corral Improvement Chance) - End of June

Leadville (A) - August 12th

Then, fun stuff during the fall all TBD based on schedule.

I’m seeing a few others doing Leadville. From what I have heard on the podcast, it’s sounds pretty intense. Good Luck.

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Can’t speak for sea otter, but leadville (and most of the lifetime events) covers the full spectrum of abilities. Beginners who are trying to make time cut offs and some of the fastest amateurs in the country. Leadville isn’t a race that suites my abilities, but I keep going back because it’s a fun summer diversion and a challenge for a guy who isn’t much of a climber. I’ll never sniff a podium at Leadville and it still motivates me. I hope I have a podium shot (age group) at Unbound this year, much better match for me.

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One A-race early in 2025.

Then something like 5-15 days of C events (not all races). I’m not totally settled on what will ultimately end up on the calendar. Truthfully I don’t have any B-events; everything is used as training for the race in 2025.

I think it can be pretty intense, but also depends how well you prep for it and how hard you push yourself. I have become a pretty big fan though - going back for year two and could see myself going back every time I can get in. I did the camp last year and had a blast and met a bunch of people I now call friends.

Like @grwoolf - I’m not sure the climbs, especially the steep ones, really suit me. I’ve got a pretty decent FTP and W/KG, and hold up pretty well from an endurance perspective, but I’m heavier and carrying more muscle around than a lot of people my height, so I’m probably more well suited to flatter events too, especially when you throw in the altitude.