Planning with or around cycling trips

Question: Training Plans with integrated various cycling trips and race events.

I’m focusing on Gravel events, however, I usually have a 2-week bikepacking trip in the fall, and try to have 2-3 day trips planned almost every second weekend.

For 2020 I have 3 gravel events planned: April (C), June (A), Sept (B) with a 16-day bikepacking trip that ends at the last season’s race (B event).

thanks for your help.

  • How would you suggest I best integrate these trips into my plan? I have read that some use the “stage-race” option to insert their planned cycling trips. Should I call these trips “events”, I assume when setting up my a plan, TR would take all these “event” entries, and peak/taper according to my A/B/C ranking.
  • The 3-day trips could be training focused based on suggested workouts.
  • In the future, my two-week easy trips may turn into (2) 1-week sleep-deprived, coffee-fueled bikepacking races.

I would love to get input on this as well, I’m having a hard time figuring out how to integrate my weekly outdoor, long distance weekends (both sat and sun) with a training plan.
That plus incorporating bigger longer trips with a weighted bike - does that affect training stress? Is it best to call these events?

Thanks in advance!