Maltodextrin in coffee and homebrew drinks?

Just curious if any one puts maltodextrin / fructose in their coffee and drinks it while on the trainer? Or other ‘weird’ homebrew drinks you use on the trainer?

I get up early (before 5am) and aim to be on the bike in 10-15min of waking. I usually drink my morning coffee while I’m on the trainer (cuz I love my coffee) and them move to my drink bottle. I frequently don’t get to my bottle during short workouts and it takes a while to get to my bottle for longer workouts. The bottle tends to be water for shorter workouts or water / maltodextrin / mio mix for longer workouts. I just started thinking about putting maltodextrin in my coffee to see how that works out.

Just curious if other people have tried wacky things like this, especially if there were unexpected downsides. Thanks!

Do not add whey protein powder to scalding hot coffee. It will curdle leaving you with an undrinkable mess.


I prefer not to admin I have done that, but I have. lol. I’m so cheap I ate the chunky mess with a spoon.

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