Concentrating Liquid Race Nutrition For Ironman

Curious to know if anyone has had success concentrating their liquid nutrition for the bike. Typically I use a concentrate bottle, squirt 4oz into a BTA every hour, and dilute with water picked up at aid stations.

I looking to go for a mix that will dilute well and is light as I’m prone to GI issues and my current mix of Infinite isn’t working. Both the Maurten (both 160/380) and SIS Beta fuel looking promising but look like they have to be specifically mixed with the proper amount of water to work effectively. I’ve also looked at EFS, but cant find much info on concentrating that either.

Any experience, input, or thoughts would be appreciated.

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I normally mix maltodextrin with a nuun tablet or two depending on the distance of my rides, and it has worked great for me so far in all of my long training sessions and races. I also tend to have a pretty strong stomach though and can use just about anything without too much of an issue, but the bulk maltodextrin powders are super cheap, so that’s why I’ve stuck with them. I also like to carry a clif bar or two with me and just eat a piece of one every hour or so just to mix things up.

Like @Seamonster I’m also doing a DIY maltodextrin drink. I’m doing IMFL this year so I’m still in the experimentation phase, but I’m having pretty good results with a 3:1 maltodextrin to maple syrup mix that I sprinkle in with an electrolyte mix based on sodium citrate. What’s great is that when I mix everything up into boiling water it dillutes pretty good so that it’s still pretty viscous when it’s cool and allows me to get about 1000 calories into a 24oz bottle.

I have dilluted it just to see how it goes down and it works pretty well, but in my training I mainly just drink the concentrated mix then have some pure water to top off my fluids. The great thing is that again, buying bulk maltodextrin is SUPER cheap and my cost for my drink as it stands is about $0.16/100Cal (including the electrolytes and maple syrup) which means experimentation won’t bankrupt you :wink: