Interesting article on Maurten

Good article by Alex Hutchinson…The World's Hottest Sports Drink Faces the Evidence - Outside Online


I appreciate it. At the same time, would we really have expected it? How many of the marketing claims of any company are solid?

Bottom line, whatever you like and you can live with the taste, use that :wink:

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The studies are not very big (not a lot of data), so it sounds inconclusive to me too. Not sure why so many people are raving about it. Because it’s new-ish? IDK.
Personally, I tried Maurtens last year and the thing that stood out to me was the sugary aftertaste. My mouth felt like I had eaten a box of cookies after drinking that mix for a few hours. I prefer maltodextrin/soy protein drink and some solid date paste bars, bananas and/or oranges.

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Like to give some personal insight from my first maurten use.

Gut wise I’m not so good. I’ve contributed on threads here about this and have low grade ibs in a way I need to be careful what I eat. High amounts of fructose set me off like the clappers. Always also had problems with bloating and been a picky eater bcos of that, most serious being sever abdominal pains when having certain foods and supplements.

So, given I’m restricted what I eat I need to sample. Sis gels are my go to: Maltodextrin simply is just great for me on its own. A home made 2:1 as described on the forum sent me immediately to the toilet next door.

A lot of people have been banging on about Maurten, so I thought for the sake of bro science and my own performance I’d try it. Tried 160 today, consumed it slow, but had absolutely no problems. This was a major surprise. I also ate much less - it’s pretty satisfying (bear in mind I’m pretty lean and also not a massive eater, 65kg 181cm or something).

Would love to find a cheaper alternative, but will continue with the 160, maybe 320 one day, for the time being.

(End of biography!)