Make sense to ingest Beta Alanine during Base Phase?

I have read about Beta Alanine and its good effects on traning. Anyway, I have read on a blog that on a base phase is only required on last weeks to prepare the body for next phase (build) that is a little harder.
I suppose the guy that say that is because asume its base is full of long and soft rides…
So my question is if Trainerroad’s base is enough intense to ingest beta alanine, right?

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I’d start using it as soon as possible even if the benefits wouldn’t be felt until build. It takes a few weeks to load up with beta alanine and there are no drawbacks that I know of of taking it - other than the tingling.


According to my nutritionist I should use beta alanine and creatine all the time. The exception is an off-season. During off season I don’t use any sport supplements, the same when I’m sick. So I use beta alanine almost all year round.

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Good advice. No reason to ever not use either of them including while ill or off-season.