Mac OSX: Minimized Mode not working

I would like to watch some Netflix during my workouts and I can’t minimize TR by pressing F. Are the shortcuts different in OSX or does this work only in Windows?

I’m using both latest version of TR and OSX.


Not sure about shortcuts, but have you tried using the on-screen control button for Minimial mode?

Would be a good test to confirm it it works without the shortcut.

@Frell I know you’re asking about the keyboard shortcut, but one other thing that trips up many Mac users with TR minimize mode + full screen video is your Mac browser program. If you’re using either Safari or Chrome to play Netflix in full screen mode, you won’t see minimized TR at all. With Firefox though you will get the desired affect - full screen video with TR workout stripped across bottom, floating on top.

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I’ve tried, but it just disapeared into the dock. The other option was to put it into fullscreen mode.

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@Frell Sounds like you minimized the app window via the top left corner which will send it to the dock. Look in the lower right corner after you have loaded a workout. That icon/tool/button will put TR in “minimal mode” at the bottom of your screen:

As for keyboard shortcuts, they existed a long time ago. Then, they went away. The new app brought some if not all of them back, but I do not have a list. They may or may not be different than those for Windows.

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Ah, ok thank you. I somehow overlook this button! I’ll try it tomorrow! It’s a bummer, as FAQ send my to the keyboard shortcut and I was wondering why it did not work.