Help Needed Trying to Replicate Bug Tied to the Ramp Test on a Mac

First - yes, I’ve reported this issue to TR support, but they haven’t been able to replicate, so asking folks to try and replicate to see if anyone else is having this problem

Now the Problem I’m experiencing on my Mac (M1 Silicon based Mac)

  • Schedule a Ramp Test
  • Launch the Ramp Test
  • Try and put the Ramp Test into “minimize” mode long the bottom of the screen

For me, the Ramp Test won’t go into minimize mode. All other workouts do, just not the Ramp Test. I’ve tried this in both the latest production and Beta apps

Thanks for bringing this to the support team as well. I’m glad Kyle is on the case and helping you out, he’s getting extra team members involved for more internal testing as well to see if we can duplicate this!

Sorry for the trouble, I’ll be following along as well to make sure this isn’t a new bug report we should be monitoring, or a localized issue instead.Hopefully we can get this isolated and squared away for you can minimize the workout player while doing those Ramp Tests.


Thanks for the follow-up. Luckily this bug only impacts the Ramp Test (very weird), and the team has been great trying to figure out what is going on.