Help Needed: Keeping TR (Mac version) On Top of Browser Window?

I just switched from using a Windows PC to a brand new Mac mini M1 for the PainCave computer, and I ran into the following problem: TR beta app was hidden behind the full screen view of NBC Sport Gold cycling video window run in Safari.


  • Launch TR beta app, select the workout, and use mini mode the workout
  • Launch Safari, navigate to NBC Sports Gold, select replay of a past cycling stage, click the button to watch the video in fullscreen
  • TR window is hidden

When I did the above on my Windows computer, TR in mini mode stayed on top of the video. Anyone know how to fix this? I searched and I couldn’t find any setting in TR like “keep on top of other windows”

When you choose full-screen you are literally choosing full-screen; not partial screen.

What you can do, what I do, is watch something in the browser window with the TR app in miniplayer mode.

I don’t believe there is anyway to configure the full-screen option on a Mac. If there is that would be interest if somebody knows…

On the Mac, the mini TR will show on top of VLC in full screen. And the Windows version will also show on top of a movie playing in a browser in full screen mode. So I’m hoping this is just a setting issue on the Mac.

Could you use this utility (usually used for Zwift) to resize your browser window so that it occupies all the remaining space not used by TR in minimised mode?

Edit: oops, sorry that seems to be Windows-only anyhow…

The human interface guidelines for MacOS full-screen mode are an interesting read for the software inclined.

The simplest solution is to just put TR at the bottom and browser window above, then zoom the webpage to fill the browser window with the video.

Next simplest is to use TR on another device, like your phone.

But if you really want an always on top TR window, you could try the steps in this link. I haven’t tried it, but you can. It’s not simple and I would be weary of anything that requires disabling System Integrity Protection.

So I just did some testing on my laptop, and apparently Firefox, Safari, and Chrome work differently:

  • Firefox - this worked the way I expected. I could run the video from NBC Sports Gold in full screen mode (not the browser window, just the video), and the TR app stayed on top of the video
  • Safari & Chrome - for both of these, if I maximize the video, the TR App gets hidden

So the short term solution for me is to watch browser videos using Firefox, and not Safari / Chrome.