Lysine or Leucine

Hey guys,
I’ve never tried Suplements before.
But I have lost a lot (a lot) of weight, and I need to gain or mantain my shape.

I was recomended to take some Leucine. I went to the shop, and they sold me Lysine (figured it out when I came back home) … the shop doesnt have Leucine, so my question is…
is it the same? or at least very similar? … will I benefit from it? or should I look for the Leucine instead?

Thanx for your ideas

They are not the same amino acid. If looking for Lysine, look for L-Lysine – that may have been the confusion at a store if they didn’t have it. You can also just get an amino acid only supplement, sometimes called “Amino Essentials”. They usually don’t have all the other things that are found in vitamin pills (regular vitamins are probably not good to take based on lots of research, but ask a doctor or qualified nutritionist.)

While both are amino acids, you were probably recommended Leucine because it’s one of the essential amino acids (that the body does not produce on its own), and because some believe it can help well with muscle repair. Be sure to follow recommended dosage guidelines, as it is possible to take too much Leucine, which can lead to Leucine toxicity.

Don’t bother with individual amino acids (for muscle growth / retention) unless recommended by a qualified medical professional. Just get some protein powder and use it to supplement if you have insufficient dietary intake.

Whey is good - there’s also some good dairy-free/plant-based options out there now. I’m currently digging a pea & brown rice blend, and based on taste and price alone can’t see myself going back to whey.


Thanx guys for the replies.
After listening to a doctor, I went out and bought Bone Broth powder. Seems to be as good as Whey, but doesnt increase the …insuline?.. (I believe) anyways, he said its as good, without the bad side of it :slight_smile: