Lumen - Metabolism tracker

Has anyone ordered Lumen?

Looks intriguing however… I need to brush up on how well it performed agains gold standard-tools.

It sure does looks like a nice product for us data-obsessed-weight-crazy-cyclists.

What do you think?

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I looked through the summary that is linked on the website. As it was published by the company, keep that in mind, but it appeared fairly close to standard metabolic carts. Like any of these trackers (Whoop, Oura Ring, etc), you have to ask yourself what you would change and benefit by spending the mon.ey

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i contacted them a wee or so and asked if it could be used during exercise to determine what ratio of fat/carbs you were burning at varying intensities. No response from them so i guess no.

Well Whoop is nothing special at all as it tracks H/R. This actually serves a purpose for me with regards to determining that I’m either training with the correct carb/fat-inclination.

I found a video of Michael Andrew, some sort of swimmer, using it.

Probably sponsored but who knows. It could be a great gizmo especially tracking RER.

@carytb check out the video above. That probably answers your question. You have to do a bit of calibration every time you want to use the device so I think it might be a bit of a hassle to do on the bike/while exercising. Not answering questions however is not good.

I have also been curious as to how accurate it is, and how it could help!! I hope the TR boys test it :+1:t3::checkered_flag:

Anyone actually purchased one of these? I see that they have Chris Froome advertising it now*

*not that I think he uses it in any meaningful way, he probably has a fully equipped laboratory manned by robot monkeys at his disposal.

Then why did Froome have to go hat-in-hand trying to find someone to do physiological testing a few years ago to “prove” he’s not a doper? Wasn’t the claim that he’d only been tested once before, during his Barloworld days?