Supersapiens alternative

In a quest for more and more data I would love to give the supersapiens a go for a month or so to see if I can get any helpful information. However being in the US I don’t have the ability to purchase this.

I was wondering if anyone has tried a finger stick device and logged some data that route for indoor rides?

I figured I can get a log of my normal training days with fueling and what not. Poke myself every 15min or so for my prefueling and then every 5min during training rides. With that I feel like could get a pretty good sense of my trends. Mind you my fingers might get a bit sore lol

Yes I know this is a little out there but this is kind of why we’re all here anyways right?

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In Canada you can buy the freestyle sensor at a pahrmacy and download the related app.

Not sure in the US, bit I saw on Amazon that US companies ship to Canada. Also, you can check Nutrisense.

Get also one of the special plasters if you want to keep the sensor all 14 days.

I think though that the Abbott app is not great for sports, as i wasn’t able to download the readings for analysis and what you see on the app is really focus on their target market.

Nothing crazy for me, other than seeing how bananas, dates, and VO2 max intervals spike my sugar.


Veri ships to US. I am on their mailing list but have not purchased anything. I’m still researching the cgm options

I’m diabetic and regularly do finger sticks during indoor training rides. YMMV, but more than once every 10 min or so isn’t going to get you much additional information. It’s pretty linear between those points. And I expect someone with normal metabolism will be linear for longer.

If insurance isn’t covering any of your costs, it’s going to be pricey. In my area (New England, USA) over many years and all the available brands, it’s averaged about $1 per strip retail cost. So for a 90 min ride, and before/after sticks, you’re looking at about $10-15. Doing it for one ride won’t be all that informative, so you’ll need a few rides under different circumstances (Z2, VO2, SS, etc), and durations to get a decent picture of what your body does. You’ll also have to record how much and at what time you eat.

That said, if you suspect fueling is having a significant impact on your performance, and can’t figure it out with trial and error, it may be worth it. I expect strict logging of fuel and feeling while on the bike would give a lot of insight.

Personally, I really really want supersapiens to start selling in the US. Trying to get an insurance company to pay for a CGM is worse than a ramp test every day for a month. And while it won’t be approved for medical use, I have no doubt it will be just as accurate as the approved version.


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