Nix Sweat sensor impressions

Hi folks, I just saw a Cycling tips article about the Nix sweat biosensor and wondered if anyone has first impressions. As a heavy sweater and lover of electrolytes, this is intriguing.

It says it will track electrolyte balance and hydration status in real time and give recommendations. It can get pricey if you keep getting replacement patches, but I imagine testing a few times a year/during a specific training period is all one would need. Might be an interesting podcast topic too.

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Definitely intrigued and will probably buy it once they do Garmin Edge integration. Can’t help it

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So many questions, but the big ones are:

  • Has the sensor accuracy been properly validated across enough environments and enough people to produce reliable measurements, both of sweat composition and volume of sweat. Different parts of the body have different sweat compositions, but I don’t know how variable this is between people.
  • Have they validated across enough people that measuring sweat from one place on the body is a ‘good enough’ proxy for whole body losses.
  • Even if the the sensor provides perfect information, what is their philosophy on replacing what is lost? How has this been validated?
  • I’d also like to know if actual measurements are reported in a detailed manner, or do they just give you recommendations? They could really hide a lot by just giving recommendations.

Great points, and I’m hesitant to buy until they’ve been through a few iterations.

I really like being able to pair with Garmin devices too…

I got a marketing email from The Feed pushing the sensor, not sure that means anything though.

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