Low FTP need help

I have been cycling for a year and half
My ftp on move from 113. 10 139

I can finish TrainerRoad sweet.spot sessions
I switch to endurance and struggle with recovery.
But I still love cycling

You need to provide some more information on your rides/workouts. Have you been on a TR plan, if yes, which plan, and did/could you do all workouts.

Skipping 1 or 2 in a block, or replacing a few with outdoor rides is no problem, but when you do only half of a plan, you will get in trouble with the next workouts, because you miss progression steps.

Without more info, I would say, start a Low Volume TR plan and try to stick to every single workout! Enough gains to get when you start low :wink:

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Consistency is key - it’s like many things in life in that you need to take your time and be patient and the gains will come. FTP is just one number to anchor your training to and often you will find things like repeatability have increased without FTP going up. You’re still arguably fitter but don’t let a single number define you.
Take your time. :grin: And enjoy it.


Yes, give us more details…and always look at FTP/kg…there’re are way too many people here talking their watt numbers in the high 200 - low 300, without including the crucial denominator. H

W/kg don’t matter in Lincolnshire :wink:


You’re pretty local to me then - you’re right but there is constant wind… :slight_smile:

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Really you should be looking at watts/kg - @hdas is completely right here. Need more info but there’s loads on the forum who’ve asked the same - comes down to usually consistency in training, eating well, sleeping well and the progression comes.

depends what your goals are. if flat TTs or crits are your thing then w/kg isn’t that important

Assuming this is you… https://www.trainerroad.com/app/career/twindad

Honestly you have hardly any rides posted so I’m not sure what to tell you. If that accurately represents all of the riding you’ve done in the past few months then you’re at a point where simply riding more will see you improve a ton

If you want to double down - pick a low volume plan and adhere to it 100% for the entire duration


I only agree with this as I have high FTP but I’m overweight😆

The other thing to remember is adaptations aren’t linear. Weird jumps just happen. Recovery is critical to support them. I’m again learning that I rode myself beyond what my body was adapted to in the form of hours on the bike and didn’t recover enough. Now that I’m two weeks past my A race and been easy riding the adaptations are popping. I start training again the first week of Nov and can’t wait for the Ramp Test, ok not the test it sucks but the results. Stay steady and trust the system, you’ll make gains.

I started drafting this -

@Twindad you have to do more than subscribe to get gains - you have to go through the process and follow the rides. If that is you that @trpnhntr linked to - you’re sat at around 1.8 watts/kg so have masses of room to grow - sorry but in order to do that you have to put some work in and consistently. Otherwise you’ll never improve.

And the planed workouts over the next few weeks are going to perhaps crush you as you’re going from 12 TSS to nearly 400. I’d be tempted - if this is you to re-do plan builder from next week as it increases the volume gradually.

Looking at your strava stats and comparing mine to yours - your average is 1 ride per week, mine is 4. You do 12 miles I do 87, you spend 1hr 3mins doing that I spend 4h 52mins… to support the comments above …

Then I actually looked at your strava picture - Whoa!!!

I was in the same boat as a new dad a good few years ago and being a dad and supporting your family is way more important than riding a bike well or better in the short term.

I used to ask myself the same questions and got into getting on the trainer before our girls were up etc - but with kids come more germs and far more life stress that will take you off the bike. From a fellow dad I’d say don’t get hung up on the FTP number - being a dad is far better and then when you have time and the family allow you can start training in ernest and spend more time on your bike. For now enjoy the time whilst they still want to know you and be kind to yourself. Though whilst they’re asleep if you have a quiet trainer… shhhhhh. :slight_smile:

if however that isn’t your Strava profile you have no excuses - but if it is… :slight_smile:

and check your powermeter… something weird is happening on this ride: https://www.trainerroad.com/app/career/twindad/rides/89548474-join-the-chisholm-club-chase-the-fountain-ring-kom

looks like the second half your watts trippled, but the speed stayed the same

if the truth is in the middle, you might be twice as good as you think.
And if not (assuming we are looking at the correct profile), start a new plan and stick to the plan and you will make huge improvements!


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