Low-ending zones

Hey all - another question related to about “over testing” in the Ramp and reducing percentages to accommodate. I recently improved FTP from 278 to 308 at the start of a plan using plan builder. The workouts were really testing me, but I made it through the Base 1 only failing one workout “Palisade”. Next test - improved to 314, but I just couldn’t face an upgrade in power on intervals (threshold was almost impossible), so I reduced the FTP to 300, but still feel like the fatigue of pushing hard is wearing me down and I failed (had to dial down the last two intervals) Kaweah. I am now moving into a period where I feel some longer road rides (time in the saddle) with some long climbs are going to be essential to prep for my next event. So, what to do with the plan - three workouts a week all leaving me feeling buried? I was wondering if I just reduced most (if not all workouts) down to the bottom of their targeted zone (sweet spot, threshold, VO2 etc) would that reduce fatigue enough to incorporate the longer weekly ride plus complete the three workouts while still targeting the desired zone for each workout? Would this still result in improvement…or is it a waste of time? Appreciate thoughts on this approach or any alternatives.

How much experience do you have with indoor structured training? When was your last full recovery week? Do you take regular recovery? I’m only guessing here but judging by the jump you saw from 278 to 308, it could be that your body simply hasn’t been able to cope with the build up of fatigue.

My advice would be to take a solid week of recovery, now. Do a week of easy Z2 rides. Keep them to an hour, maximum. Make sure that you’re eating well and try to get plenty of sleep.

Reducing the intensity of the zones might only serve to prolong the period you currently find yourself in. You might well be digging a hole that could take weeks if not longer to climb out of.

30 Watt increase is a lot to then cope with that when you were used to the efforts of an FTP of 278W. Like the advice above take a bit of recovery. You do not say if you are doing Base TR. I recommend doing sweetspot work it has the right level of stress to build on later. It Might be that you dial down the FTP and and 5 to 10 watts a week to the workout level so you get used to working at the higher effort level.