Lost motivation with general build phase

Hello, I started my Trainerroad 2nd year in september of 2018. It has been a great tool for my objectives. I mostly do MTB marathon type races and rides. When I began using trainer road my objective was to improve my general performance and to been able to finish a 4 day stage race in march 2018 and Trainerroad helped me to achive those goals. My FTP went from 2.3 watts/kg when I started to 3.20/kg on my last ramp test in 17months. I did Sweet spot low volume 1 and 2 then sustained power build mid volume and then cros country marathon specialty phase mid volume. Everything went fine with that. After the race I I did maintenance low volume . On august last year I started again with a 100 km marathon race in march this year as my primary objective (mostly on jeep roads and fire roads, without technical single track). I chose again Sweet spot base phase low volume 1 and 2, but then I chose low volume general build phase. Here is where I found the problem. Has been very hard for me to finish those VO2Max workouts even though in most of them I decrease de intensity. I bail out on a lot of those workouts! I feel that I have lost the motivation with the smart trainer. Next week will be my last week of general build but I will give the smart trainer a rest and I’ll only do outside rides for 2 weeks before starting the specialty phase. My original plan was to do the century specialty phase because of the nature of my A race that will be in 9 weeks but now I don’t know what to do. Dou you think that my original idea with the century phase will be ok? or should I do something else? Threshold workouts get along with me.

Do the workouts that keep you on the bike and enjoying the ride.

There’s no magic bullet but consistency is more important than having the “perfect” training plan.


It sounds like you may have become a bit discouraged because of being unable to finish the VO2 Max workouts. I may be splitting hairs here, but you might want to decipher whether you’ve actually lost motivation or if you’re just discouraged about the results.

There’s a range that Coach Chad talks about regarding VO2 Max and it sounds like the prescribed amount was just a bit too much and you may have been served well by just dropping the intensity a bit for those to ensure you finished them.

I have a feeling that once you get back on track, completing workouts successfully, you’ll regain that motivation. I think the Century plan will be more like Sweet Spot and will be workouts you’re more likely to be able to finish.
Good luck!


Sounds familiar, I gave up trying to do threshold and above on the trainer and my solution was to just do sweet spot work outs Indoors, doing anything more intense outside as the weather improves.

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Yes I am discouraged about the results, just been able to end a few VO2 Max workouts. Sweet Spot an Treshold I can manage better. Maybe I will try from the beginning to reduce the intensity enough in the few VO2Max workouts of the century plan! thanks

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