Sweet Spot -> Build transition

I been using TR for year now and have seen a lot improvement. However I still struggle a lot when completing mid volume SPB1/2 and transition to build mid volume. Usually I struggle within the first few weeks of the build phase. Specifically the VO2 max workouts I can barely finish and most of the time I have to cut short. This seems to bleed into the rest of the workouts for the week. My wt/kg is currently 3.1 so not very high. Should I just repeat SB1/2 until I get to a certain level?

I’m not clear which Sweet Spot plans you are doing before build?

Sweet Spot Base Mid volume 1 and 2

Do you also struggle with threshold (over-unders) or SweetSpot workouts as well? By “struggle” I mean do you regularly have to bump those types of workouts down in intensity or cut them short? Or is it just the supra-threshold efforts?

When I first started TR (which coincided with the first structured training I did) I really got slammed by the workouts in early Build phase (Sustained Power build). The VO2max workouts in particular affected my whole week. Aerobically I could handle them but man did my muscles ache all the time.

YMMV, but I did these at various time, and each go me through:

  1. Skip those VO2max workouts, use -1 versions of them, or drop off one of the other weekly workouts and continue Build phase
  2. Repeat SSBV2 as a build phase in and of itself. Unless you struggle with longer sustained efforts like SS, no need to repeat Vol 1. That phase is designed to build that fatigue resistant sustained fitness, Vol 2 is designed to introduce more intensity, which sounds like what you’re struggling with.
  3. Consider a lower volume plan

Don’t worry about your w/kg. It’s not low, it’s not high. It just is. :slight_smile: …and it will get better with smart consistency.

As a sidenote, when you’re looking to decide between SSBV1 and SSBV2 or Build, ask yourself whether you want to spend the next few weeks focused on increasing the watts of my FTP OR focused on increasing the time I can hold a high percentage of my current FTP. They are both important. Those base phases are generally designed around those two ideas. And then Build is really about bumping up intensity after SSBV2. If you cannot comfortably finish the last non-rest week of SSBV2, I would argue you’re probably not ready for Build



Not everybody has the same abilities above threshold levels so the option I’d start with would be to nudge the VO2 max workouts down a percent or two so they are completable within the context of the whole weeks training.

I’m not sure I would just repeat the Base phases “until you get to a certain level” as that in itself may make the transition you’re finding difficult even more so. If you repeat Base, nudging your FTP up a notch or two more the chances are you’ll make the transition harder, not easier, when you change to Build again.

I’n not sure that a week that includes Spencer, +2 Lamarck, and Leconte along with Wright Peak-2 should ever be completed comfortably! Even at the end of a block in which you would hope to see improvement, that’s a tough set of workouts.


There are quite a few threads here related to individuals struggling with VO2 max efforts. Your FTP and VO2 max might not be that far apart right now and therefore the prescribed intensity might be the issue.

As @julianM suggested, bumping down the interval intensity might help. Alternatively, if you normally use ERG mode, consider switching to RESISTANCE mode and adjusting the intensity to what you can complete. You may find over time as you train more VO2 work that you begin to push up your VO2 max ceiling, as it is trainable.


@JulianM and @Kuttermax are right, bumping intensity down a little can also help. However, too many ppl who struggle with this bump it down to 110% or even 105% FTP in order to complete the workout. At that point you are no longer achieving time at VO2max. @chad mentioned this today in the podcast. Go down to 115%, maybe.

@JulianM I snuck in a little edit to my response :blush: They are tough workouts, but they’re there for a reason. And they are achievable.


Maybe not a bad idea to stick in a little extra VO2 build up between Base and Build?

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You think Sweet spot > Build transition is hard, try going from Traditional Base 1,2,3 > General Build. It was near impossible! Wow, what a punch in the face that was. :facepunch::tired_face:

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I’ve always had more trouble with the vo2 max stuff. I’ve been using tr for 2 years and I think I’m naturally better at the sustained stuff - sweet spot etc. also it’s whatbive done in the past working out. I find sometimes backing the intensity down a bit to 115% is enough. Sometimes I do some backpedaling.

I try to never cut a workout short. I figure even if I’m doing a lot of backpedaling if I finish I’m getting that same stimulus.

Maybe try a little caffeine before those vo2 workouts too:). It’s amazing how much a a little something can help. I took a sis gel before a workout today that had 150mg of caffeine and felt amazing.