Loose skin surgery and training

Anyone have experience with recovery time coming back from loose skin surgery? I will remove most of the skin from the stomach area. Doctor said around 4 weeks, but not sure if I can keep doing some easy zone 2 stuff.

Also should I just continue with a base plan until I’m going under the knife? Seems the muscle fibers you build with anaerobic training decays pretty quick.

Follow your doctor’s advice. Nothing worse than having a delayed complication which would mean even more time off the bike.


Never had it done…have seen somebody go through the process. I think there is a strong community on line that might be a better source.

I suggest you look at it like this: this is your ‘A’ event. Taper for it. More than anything in your life this is an event you don’t want to come into overtrained. After your ‘A’ event you’re going to need some serious recovery time. That’s to be expected…because this is an ‘A’ event. Take a few weeks. Recover. Revel in your success. Also, GOOD NEWS, you are guaranteed to achieve victory at your ‘A’ event because you have seriously, seriously done the correct training & nutrition to get there.

It’s a major surgery if you’re having a belt of skin all the way round removed. 4 weeks sounds aggressive to me. Definitely follow our doctor’s advice.


Can’t comment on the surgery or the healing because I have no experience there.

But for a 4ish week time frame, I wouldn’t sweat it. Yea, it’s demoralizing to lose any amount of fitness, but the offseason just started and by mid next year, those 4 weeks will be long forgotten.

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