Appendectomy Return to Riding Time Frame

Just had an Appendectomy earlier today. I’ll chat with the Doctors tomorrow before discharge but, curious how long you guys took to resume easy riding (Z1/2 only). The procedure was laparoscopic and the appendix did not rupture if that matters…

Not really an answer as my brain is foggy about my appendix operation as it was that long ago and pre zonal training but it left a massive scar and I was in hospital for I think 10days after which being a kid I cant remember any time before I bounced back. Roll on 35 years and my major op thanks to keyhole surgery left a tiny scar and the recovery seemed comparable although I was warned off cycling by the medical staff until things had completely healed. I did find nurses more cautious than doctors though. Nurses had a conservative at least… , whereas doctors seemed to look at your own personal circumstances. I can only say speak to your doctor/surgeon.

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I would advise my lap patients to take a couple of weeks off from interval training. Could start easy spinning or walking whenever pain allows. No heavy lifting (>10lb) for 6 weeks

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Good luck recovering. The appendix pain was some of the worst I have ever had.

Recovery was quick but they do give you pain killers for a couple days afterwards. I would imagine just a couple days for Z2, and a solid week before going full blast on the trainer.

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24 hours post op and home. Was not prepared for how much air they pump into the abdomen for the procedure. Still a bit distended and uncomfortable. The hard part of this will be to not over do it too quick. Bending, twisting, lifting…all need to be thought out which is hard because that leaves a very sedentary life style.

Have a follow up with the surgeon in a week to go over return to work and general recovery progress. Missing being active even just around the house, lifting, riding of coarse…It’s only been one day. Going to go nuts. Already planning a new frame/bike. Shopping tomorrow! :heart_on_fire: