Post Surgery Training Plan

I am 8 weeks post op and cleared to get back on the bike. I had abdominal surgery and was restricted to basically no activity for 6-8 weeks. I went into surgery with great fitness. Any suggested plans to select to get my overall fitness back?

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I had hip surgery (labrum) back in August. A little different because it directly interferes with pedaling, but your abdominal surgery and the temporary loss of good core function may also affect pedaling. I used Trad Base to rebuild tolerance to pedaling, did TB 1 and 2 if I recall, then once zero issues started manually adding weekly SS/threshold workouts to build tolerance to that level, then went to Plan Builder. If you’re not already doing this, make sure you have someone (a good strength coach or sports-oriented PT) helping you get core function back once your surgeon clears you for that. To some people the recovery feels fairly normal but it rarely is. Good luck!!