Looking for TT bike computer solutions

I’ve got a Cube Aerium C:68TT and dialing it in over the next several weeks. I need some help trying to get my Garmin edge in the bars while I have the water bottle attached.

The cube bottle is fairly slim, and I don’t have much real estate to work with because the straw is so far forward. Ideally I would like to get the computer between my wrists (third photo) because it would be tucked away behind bum hands and out of the wind. I’ve heard of people using zip ties possibly? Or was that for BTA bottles?

Secondarily I could epoxy a quarter turn point on the little bit of real estate I have on the nose of the bottle, but that would be seen by the wind.

Anyone know of any specific products that could work? Or any home solutions that are probably fairly aero?

Profile does a computer mount bridge but with the D2Z arms it might not fit.
Also looks like D2Z do their own mounts so that’s probably the easiest option

Thats great!! I was just looking around for different mount options and only came up with round pole mounts… I feel silly not even looking at D2Z’s website haha.

If you check out D2Z site, they have the 76 project mount. I currently use that one and it works well. Having it separate from the bottle mount is nice because you can mount it more forward on the extensions to be more inline with your site.

Buy the Engo glasses and keep the computer in your pocket?

I use the aforementioned 76 projects mount on my TT bike. Its modular so you can adjust it to fit in most gaps between extensions and the clamps (or whatever they are called) are Velcro (rather than hard plastic) so fit any extension (mine are kinda aero).

TT & TRIATHLON – 76 Projects

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I’ve got form goggles already and I’ve already got enough things to keep charged :joy: