Ipad tablet rack

UPDATE : I finally managed to have some units made and set up a shop to sell a few !


Sold about 10 last week among my cycling circle and comments have been outstanding. I hope this can upgrade your pain cave as well !


Hi everyone, I designed this tablet holder as a pet project during the pandemic and I am quite happy with the result. I’d like to collect some feedback from other indoor cycling enthusiasts. Bottom line is : would you want to buy it if it was commercialized ?

  • you can install it without removing your garmin unit
  • works up to 32 cm drops
  • made from biodegradable polymer
  • there is a gel/airpods holder

Some photos

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Looks awesome. I’m sure there’s a market for it.

I have a Tacx Handlebar Bracket for Tablets. not as much room for other stuff on the bars as in the above pictures though.

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Would that have been enough to choose it over the tacx if you had the choice at the time ?

Looks good, but I use a table.

I use it for my cellphone as well, if i am the one that has the TV. It’s overkill for a phone but allows you to use it without sweating on it and it stays in my field of vision.

That. is. amazing!
It even fits a large 13” iPad (most tablet holders don’t). And you have an AirPod Pro case holder!! If you put it on Kickstarter, I’ll preorder it the same day. I’m dead serious. The only thing I’d add is a second cradle for snacks per default.

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Yeah I’d be interest. I don’t like my Tacx one.

It fits up to a microsoft surface tablet !

I use TR on my 13” iPad Pro and the tablet holders I have seen do not accommodate it. So I was super happy to see that yours does.

Is there some sort of rubberized coating on the clamps that interface with the handlebars? I wouldn’t want love marks on my carbon bars.

There is two sizes of clamps to accommodate MTB bars or thicker bar tape and the surface is quite smooth. A rubbery finish could be an upgrade idea, but right now the option would be either a layer of bar tape or simply a turn of electric tape.

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Sounds fair.

Probably you’d want to do a v2.0 after sending out the first batch. I bought a pair of cycling shoes designed by a podiatrist in Australia. The fit is spectacularly good (I have wide feet), but there were quite a few v1.0 bugs to work out. A lot of them are just things like “rotate the dial by a few degrees” or “use a slightly different material here”.

Have you thought about a price?

Without scaling up anything, the first batch could be sold at 70-75 USD, shipped.

Edit : there could be an option to send the device partly or completely dissassembled, which would reduce drastically the shipping AND the unit cost (between 15 and 25 dollars)


That’s cheaper than I anticipated. At that price, I’d order one immediately.

Perhaps you can send out the first batch disassembled? If assembly is fairly simple and requires only standard bike tools, I’m ok with that.

I use it with a Surface Go. Fits nice

This looks really good.

It’s be great if the airpod case spot was big enough to hold an iPhone.

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Very good point. I use my phone to pick my music as that is easier and less risky than stabbing at my iPad from afar.

Oh definitely would buy disassembled. Option for 2 accessory trays would be ideal. Let’s get this going before Winter hits :laughing:


Me as well. I always struggled with a music book holder (whatever it’s called)

But it broke. And I don’t have space in my garage anymore for a big desk like the one from wahoo.

I have my old biike permanently on the Tacx, bikes for the kids, my wife’s bikes, my own bikes and a big cargo bike.

So this solution would be great for people with limited space!

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