Modular Cycling Desk

Hey guys,

My buddy and I came up with a new cycling desk designed to be more functional than the others on the market. Our unique brackets allows a modular system so you can have your towel on your right instead of the left, your water bottle closer or further away, or any combination you can think of.

My buddy and I own a cabinet shop and use Trainer Road to train. We didn’t want to spend a bunch of money on a cycling desk so we just made one. We both had preferences where we wanted things so we made it modular.

The whole thing is made in our shop in SC, and the best part is free shipping. It’s taken us many iterations to get here, but I finally feel confident posting it here. Feel free to ask any questions or post any feedback!

Check out our site:


Website link doesn’t work for me

Ahh, yeah our DNS was messed up… fixed the issue

Nice idea but personally I wouldn’t buy it as the surface area is pretty small.

Rob, thanks for the feedback.

We are positioned in the middle of the market for top surface area, a little bigger than the Saris and a little smaller than the Wahoo… but they are both multiple times the price of ours. We are coming out with additional brackets, one for water bottles and one for power supply. Once those are available it will allow for more usable top space if the user desires!


Looks cool, I hope it’s a success. I’d say perhaps have precut holes for bidons. Otherwise very smart.


Do you have any images with a bike?

Would the cross strut / front wheel mean that it can’t be pulled super close?

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If you go to the link for the website there is a quick video on the front page with a bike setup in front of the desk. Plenty of room for the desk to be pulled right up to the handlebars and even past that it looks like.

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@Jackc70 Thanks, I appreciate the kind words.

We are currently developing a bottle holder that will go into the bracket holes on the left and right of the desktop. This will allow the user freedom to put the bottles wherever they choose!

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@RichA that’s a good point, we do need more images with a bike. We made sure there is plenty of space for the desk to be pulled up as close as you want, as well as any interactive apps that require steering of the bike. There is a short video on our homepage that might give perspective. Thanks for your feedback, I’ll be adding more pictures with a bike.

Will the additional items be able to attach to the current desk design?

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@SDooley That’s correct, all future brackets will fit the current model desk

This a beautiful desk and I love the style and simplicity


I might suggest at least 1.5 inch wide feet so that the buyer could attach some casters if they like. I would imagine you left casters out to minimize cost, but it seems a likely desirable upgrade that a wider foot could accommodate.

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You could add a couple of grommets for cabling… or if you really want to go to town add power sockets/usb ports etc in a recessed box… or some sort of cable tidy system.

Just a thought.


A reasonably priced and apparently well made item.

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How small can you fold it for traveling? Or what’s the size of the packaging it comes in?


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@Pirate Thanks for your thoughts! we went down the road of providing a flush mounted socket similar to the Saris, I call it a power puck… turns out it would just raise the price of the product too much… we weren’t gonna put some cheapo in there, it had to be high quality and work well. The good thing is that we are going to add a universal power strip bracket so the consumer can bring their own power source. The feedback we got so far is that a decent amount of consumers really like specific things in their power source whether it be fast charging, usb type c, specific number of a specific type of port, etc. This way the customer can get the power source they want and not have our markup added.

Cable management is a great idea. It is something we are working on as it could be a simple grommet solution like you said.


@trailhead it packs up pretty dang small, the current packaging is 28" x 12" x 4" outer dimensions. It can fit in a suitcase and have extra room for fruit rollups and gushers… probably some gummy bears too

I totally agree with you first point. The middle bar is a non-starter as it would block airflow from my fan, and the pegs for it aren’t something I would use / need.

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