Engo smart glasses

Has anyone tried these? Product Listing | Engo Smart Eyewear EU

Seems pretty cool with the Garmin integration, and a potential Xmas gift to myself :grinning:

The differences between the 1 and 2 version are not super clear, other than the look, and the fact that the 1 are photochromatic. They do seem to call the 1 the “Flagship”, although not entirely clear why.

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There’s a link to a 15 second quiz at top which might help you differentiate

I’ve taken the quiz, it’s not helpful.

They don’t seem to have a comparison table, which is not helpful.

Engo 2

This style is best suited for cyclists, triathletes and runners looking for higher coverage.

I take this to mean better for bright light conditions

Engo 1

ENGO 1 is an ideal alternative for those looking to train in more variable conditions. ENGO 1’s photochromic lens is suitable for a wide spectrum of low light conditions.


These things might be cool, and I think they would be fun to try … but their marketing is pretty funny.

“A cyclist can lose 3-4 watts by looking at their head unit. Seeing data in real time is a game changer.” :joy:


Have tried these for a couple of days, and despite still some teething issues, would struggle not to leave with them on rides.

The good:

  • Not distracting
  • I can have the infos I care about (power, cadence, heartrate, and have also added speed) at a glance. Rode over 11h on last 2 days, and barely looked at my 1040 (had the map always on, instead of my otherwise “main” screen displaying mostly the infos I now have on the glasses.
  • Battery life is fairly good (but probably won’t last enough for the largest grandfondos (e.g. 10+ hours)
  • Instructions are mostly good (although they are slightly wrong for setting up edge 1040 (vs watches) - I’ve told them. You need to configure the data field through connect IQ and not garmin connect.
  • Very readable in rain (rode for 5h in rain today, and display wasn’t affected (had a cap so that water didn’t ingress on the inside), while 1040 notifications were hard to read.

The bad

  • Still some software issues (all reported in as much detail I could get to them).
    • Yesterday Glasses would turn off as soon as I got into a slight pause (as in auto-pause triggered on 1040, or would have been, after I turned off the option - no difference in behaviour). Worked super well today.
    • Battery indicator, and clock seem to appear sort of intermittently. Clock sometimes “freezes in time” for up to 10 min.
  • Focus is set to 3m. You might need lenses to correct, if you’d normally need vision correction to that distance. I have 0.75 shortsightedness and 0.75 astigmatism and can read fine, but smaller symbols (as in the drawings that show power / speed are a bit hard to read without lenses, but not enough so that I’ve put lenses on to try.
  • No turn by turn on garmin (only suunto apparently), at least yet

Features I’d like:

  • Varia radar display (even if by its own it would likely not be enough, as the display is not distracting at all and you might miss alerts), but would love to just look at the screen when hearing the aural alerts from the garmin.

Customer support is fairly slow to respond (1-3 days, but all my queries were during festive period, so very possibly not representative) - but with fairly detailed and not canned answers.

I’m definitely keeping them, and not seeing myself not leaving with them on for long rides, so positives definitely outweight negatives (unless the pause issue happens again / is not fixed).

Had I had those, I might not even have put so much weight on having hood buttons to control the garmin when choosing groupset/components, given that I barely change screens now.


Any fit issues?

Specifically, around the nose? I’ve been trying them, and while I agree with all your technical items above (both good and bad), my main issue is that the nose bridge piece isn’t very adjustable, and thus, is actually too small for my nose, so it slides down my nose every few seconds (not kidding). Be it running or riding. Fairly frustrating.

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I have no issues cycling (over 6h gravel rides, including cobblestones, when cycling Paris → Dieppe last 2 days) one of them with rain for 5h), haven’t tried running.

I usually have issues with glasses slipping on nose, and found light oakleys perfect, but these are essentially the same (I tightened a bit the arms, by bending, as recommended)

Edit: Looked for a review from you actually. Maybe a good thing I didn’t, as fit issues might have put me off trying! I also had to ship to France (where spent the holidays) as I’d have expected customs & import charges in the UK, which would have made a return harder. In hindsight, I would have been really sad not to try them!

I’ve also found the opacity pretty good, in what were fairly dark days (rode till sunset). Will have to wait a few weeks for a sunnier place to try with brighter sun.

Interesting thread, didn’t know these existed. I want a product like this to work but have a very bad taste in my mouth from the Recon Jet glasses way back when. They were heavy, the display was hard to read, the battery only lasted a few hours, and worst of all I felt they obstructed my vision. On that last front, even if it’s an only a little I want every bit of FOV while riding.

It’s been ~7 years since the Recons so sounds like technology may have finally caught up to address weight and battery, but do you find that you have the same FOV as normal glasses?

I am also very much on the verge of getting the Engo 2, as I do a lot of outdoors workouts. I tend to stare at my computer more often than Froome, and thought this may help.

However I have a Wahoo, so I’d have to pair my sensor through my phone. Does anyone have any experience/feedback on that?

I guess the “dumb” way is to record on the yahoo, and start the phone app.
Slightly annoying because you need to start 2 things.
Then you probably need sensors that can connect to both the wahoo and the phone app at the same time.
And more connections is more things to fail.

I had a go at the app and it’s very simple to customise. Didn’t feel like that would be a limitation.

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Thanks for the feedback! I’ll test dual recording with the wahoo and Strava, if that sorks I guess your solution should work too :crossed_fingers:t4:

By Strava you mean the ActiveLook app (from Engo)?

I purchased a pair of Engo smart glasses v.1. They were a disaster. Didn’t fit around the nose and the glasses slipped down whenever I hit a rough patch when riding or whenever I went running. Every time they slipped down, they would disconnect.

When I reported issues, they were extremely slow to respond. Not sure, but they appear to be a French company and a bunch of links to the US support system were never looked at. My first set of messages went unanswered. About a month into owning them and having some interaction with them, they appeared to hire an outside consultant to handle all the tech issues they were having. I sent her a long, detailed email explaining that I loved the idea, but they simply didn’t work. (I love my Form goggles). We had some back and forth, couldn’t resolve the problems, and I sent them back.

I’m reluctant to purchase a pair of v.2

There are a French company (name on invoice is microoled).

I’ve been corresponding in French with them from the start, so can’t speak about English experiences.

I’ve tried skiing, works very well (but no ski specific data fields, such as slope related)

Glasses performed fairly well under heavy snow:

Descended (and then climbed back) alpe D’huez as weather too poor to ski.

Glasses got quite a bit of snow on the outside, but that doesn’t affect the display.

However, in a long and steep descent, with humidity at 100%, and snow / rain, things tend to fog up. Vision remained good, but the optics for HUD fogged and so I wasn’t able to see much stats towards the end of the descent. I took them off and rode a few hundred meters without them, in the hope to de fog, and that did the trick. Not at 100% as the display wasn’t as clear, but could still read my power/cadence/HR/speed very well, and leave the climbing page on the Garmin (which was hardly readable due to snow/rain).

One thing I really like is that how the display doesn’t distract from the road. However, when you look at the stats, you can still see the road very well (unlike when looking at a bike computer).

I was out for only 2h, so couldn’t test battery performance (which has been very good) in sub-zero temperature.

I’m very happy with the glasses, and would definitely buy new ones immediately if I broke or lost them.

Oh wow, you are a brave man to take on that descent in these conditions!

How dark are the glasses, actually? Are they still useable in overcast conditions?

Very, this was never an issue.

I don’t know if they aren’t dark enough in very bright conditions though.

There are sunny days forecast at the end of a the week, so should be able to test that then.

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