Garmin adapter for Wahoo mount?

Hey all,
I have a 76Projects computer mount for my TT bike, but I have the version for Wahoo computers, and unlike most mounts, you can’t just switch out the connector plate since they have their own no-twist interface. So what I am looking for is a small plastic puck with the “male” end on the bottom being Wahoo compatible, and then on the top, a Garmin “female” end to mount my Edge computer. Basically like this, but instead of connecting a Wahoo computer to a Garmin mount, I am looking for the reverse: Wahoo Adapter for Garmin - Fair Wheel Bikes

Anybody know where I might find this piece? Thanks for any help!

Can you loosen the bolt and just rotate the interface 90*? That is what I do with similar computer mounts.


Putting the power in Power13 – thanks! I figured that wouldn’t work given that they sell both type of mounts and the Garmin one is out of stock, but seems that’s just a matter of where the little latch nubbin is located. Much appreciated!

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