Garmin Mount for 35mm Handlebars

Looking for a garmin mount I can attach to 35mm diameter mountain bike handlebars. I am hoping for something more solid than the rubber band mounts on the side; I like having the computer in the center of my bars. Does anyone make this mount?

K-Edge does but it’s like $50

I have this but I don’t know where they ship to. I’m in the UK

I have Trentacinque bars on two bikes. One has the K-Edge 35mm mount. The other has this mount i got on Amazon. I like that it mounts via the stem mounting bolts vs clamping on the bars themselves.

I’ve got one of the Bar Fly 4 mounts and find it to be pretty great!

The plastic Garmin out in front mount that came with my 830 works on my 35mm bars.

I know you didn’t specifically ask for this, but I assume we’re talking trail/am/enduro bike here. So it might be a good idea to tuck your gps between the bars instead of infront. I got this on my enduro:

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Ive got the Wahoo version of the K-edge 35mm mount. It is pricy but well built. Not sure I love the computer out front on my xc bike though, more susceptible to damage in a crash. But it is a well built solid product

I dunno where else to stick it. My stem is too short for the rubberband/zip tie mount, and putting it on the headset cap would catch it on my junk when I inevitably take a tumble.

I ran into the same problem, which is why I did the front mount. Not ideal, but I don’t have another great solution. I tried a version of the stem mount that someone posted above, but due to the short stem and thicker bar, it left the computer at an angle that was difficult to read


FWIW the computer mount sits above the front wheel, so it shouldn’t directly impact on anything (as the wheel would hit it first) but could snag on stuff while falling down. I haven’t spent $50 on the mount yet, if you find another solution for yourself I’d buy your used K-Edge front mount

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Thanks everyone for the suggestions!

Yes - looking at putting this on a trail bike. right now I have the K-edge top-cap mount, but I don’t love it, I seem to bump my computer with my knee or something.

This one looks promising! I had a SRAM-branded mount on my old bike with 31.8mm bars. I mount it “backwards” over the stem, so it wasn’t out front.

Good to know, but I’d rather not mount out front. The MTB mount looks more promising, but they list that as max 31.8mm bar.

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Yes that will help in some situations. But there are other situations off-road where you could still hit your computer in a crash. One example, if you tip over sideways in a rock garden, its possible for your computer on an out front mount to hit a pointy rock that the wheel wouldn’t block. Another that comes to mind - sometimes in a hard crash your bars twist, then all bets are off.

Also - out front mounts would make it more challenging to mount a MTB style number plate.

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