3D Printed Silca Gravelero Pump Holder for 3T Exploro

I had a good experience 3D printing a pump holder for my bike and I wanted to share it since I couldn’t find anything similar when I started thinking about this project. Hopefully other folks might find this useful!

I have a 3T Exploro that I use for both road and gravel riding/racing. I’ve had a lot of issues with CO2s so I always have a minipump with me. It always annoyed me that I had my nice aeroish bike but had a minipump hanging off the side of my bottle holder. My Exploro has top tube mounts for bottle holders or bento boxes so I decided to try to use those mounts to hold the pump in place. I used onshape to design the pump and then had a friend with a 3D printer print it in PETG. The pump design is here: Onshape.

I used large washers to better distribute the load from the bolts. I used two sided velcro I had around the house to hold the pump on the mount. So far the mount has worked really well! I did a very wet and muddy gravel race a few weeks ago plus plenty of road rides. No issues with vibrating or anything like that.


good problem solving.
have you put some heli tape or similar under it, to prevent scratching the paint?
tiny vibrations and grit that finds it’s way in over time will inevitably cause some marring unless there is protection.

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Good point! I haven’t but I was thinking about it and your comment is a good reminder that I should add something to protect my frame. I will either add a washer under the holder or some gorilla tape or something. I don’t have any spare heli-tape unfortunately.

That sure is a nice looking bike you’ve got there @Nolanmcpeek :+1:

That’s a nice solution for your pump, but I wonder how terrible this small side mount attached at the bottle cage wrecks the aero? Then again, I’m not riding this as a road bike like you are.

:slight_smile: That is a good looking bike! I am sure its not overly dramatic in terms of aero losses. This project was mostly just fun and marginal gains. I have nice aero wheels for road racing and I felt a little silly hanging the pump out in the wind while I am also running 65 mm wheels.

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Yeah, especially when looking at a monster like that pump you’re using! Maybe you want to look at one of the two ReneHearse carbon minipumps? You’ll barely see them there.

What will you do when you want to put a bento on? Plus, will placing it there bother you? Having the bento bugs me.

Just a thought on the pump… can’t see mine when it’s on the other side, though I suspect I’d see yours…

I’ve had mixed results with a lot of pumps and I really like the gravelero since it has a latch to lock the head on the valve and has a little flexline to allow for a play while pumping. I ran smaller and lighter pumps in the past but they often didn’t do the best job pumping and sometimes had issues in critical events. I don’t mind the look of the pump on the top tube and I don’t currently have a need for a bento. I have used those bolts for an extra bottle mount but I’ve recently changed to using a hydration pack for longer rides so I don’t miss that the extra bottle mount too much. I still have the side mount that silca ships with the pump so I can use that if I need those bolts.

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Good looking unit.

I personally wouldn’t sacrifice the bento for the pump. A rider needs to eat…a LOT.

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Got it. I’d still look at the Lenzyne Pocket Drive HV, which seems to be what I have had for a couple / few years, but mine is silver. The rough grip is great in wet conditions, whether in snow, rain, mud, or with gloves in the cold. It’s smaller, has a flex line, and locks on. From the looks of it, it’s also lighter and smaller. I can attest that it can take a beating with weather and terrain (as in stuff flying at it, not crashing or hurling it), and it works great the few times I’ve needed it. Just an idea recognizing you didn’t post to replace the pump you like :smiley:

That looks like a pretty nifty pump! If I have issues with the gravelero, I might give that one a try. That pump is also small enough that it would fit in a jersey pocket pretty easily too.

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I also recently printed some things on my bike e.g. a cup holder, I suppose it turns out even cheaper. What 3d printer do you use? I have Creality3D. It suits me perfectly.

I don’t know unfortunately :frowning: A friend of mine did the actual printing.