Long ride duration the weekend before A Event?

My A race is coming up next Saturday, May 6. The race is 107 miles and I expect it’ll take 6-8 hours depending on the conditions. It’s been a crappy spring in Northern WI and there’s still some snow piles on the course causing some soft, muddy spots, which could really drag down the average speed.

With this crappy spring, I’ve only been able to get out for one 4 hour “long ride.” That 4 hour ride went very well. My fitness is good right now, currently sitting around 4.1 w/kg. I’m not worried about finishing, my goal is to ride it as quickly as possible.

I’m wondering how long I should go this weekend? Current forecast is for 2 inches of snow, so whatever I do will be on the trainer. I’m thinking either an Achievable 2 hour low sweet spot workout or a 3 hour endurance Z2 ride.



Either is probably OK. You might consider two hours before lunch, two hours after. Just keep it Z2 and you’ll be fine. Definitely don’t go outside to ride and get injured…that’s a total Brennus move.