Trainer Road didn't build any rides longer than 2 hours for the 4 events I am doing, all of which will be longer than 6-7 hours. Should I be concerned?

Says it all in the title.

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Longer rides are great for working on nutrition/hydration, especially if you’ve never done a longer event.

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Would you want to spend 7 hours indoors?

The catalogue has Z2 rides going up to 6 hours - I’d say you’d fair well if you can manage that indoors! Try searching and look at the duration filter. There are plenty of rides over 2 hours.

N=1. -Completed my 21 hour event on trainer road workouts, non of which exceeded two hours.

As mentioned maybe do a few longer rides to iron out hydration/fuelling plans.Also for bike feel for long hours in the saddle and maybe to judge pacing.

You will be fine. I have not had any issues working high volume plan and being able to ride for 9+ hours. I would throw in a long ride on the weekends

i was able to complete a couple of centuries no problem last year with just 1 hour to 1.5 hour workouts. The capability can be created without having to practice that type of duration. Now, I wouldn’t hesitate to add some of your own practice rides of length so that you can get a feel for it and work on your pacing and nutrition strategies.

Do some outdoor rides to supplement, so switching some of the Sunday sweetspot workouts with 4-6 hours of Z2 outside is a good idea

Just to echo comments above, you don’t necessarily need to do long rides to be able to do long rides. Last year I trained exclusively indoors on high volume plans with a max session of 2hrs and did 2 centuries outside, both 70-72% for over 5hrs. The training will get you there, it’s just up to you to pace/feed on the days of the events.

Here’s a 4hr+ ride.

Says it all in the title :rofl:

Your overall fitness for any long event will come form your overall volume, not necessarily long rides by themselves. As noted above, plenty of people have done 6+ hour rides successfully on 2 hour training rides (provided their overall volume is sufficient).

That said, I know that I personally perform better for long events if I do longer training days…Specificity is a real thing and can help you perform better on the day of the event. So as suggested above, just swap out one of your weekend structured rides for a longer, endurance based ride.

You will have the legs and heart ready… but arms, lower back, nutrition, focus… over 6 hours is a different deal. Get some long rides in so you are not shocked by the experience.

I’m preparing for a big climb in January (5-6h) straight up. I’m doing a indoor 8 week plan that is roughly like this:

Monday > Core, Bands work
Tuesday > 1.5 hours, Threshold
Wednesday > Weights
Thursday > 2.5 hours. High Tempo, SST
Friday > Off
Saturday > 2h Snowboarding
Sunday > 4-5h High Z2/Low Z3

same here, FWIW.

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I can only repeat the above. I have similar in my plan for next year. Aiming to do 2 B races of 5-6 hours and A race is 6-7 hours. My plan is to swap out a weekend TR workout for a Z2 ride progressing from 3hrs up towards 5hrs over next 3 months.

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