Recommended me a TR endurance ride

Normally on a Sunday I’d try get out for a 4 hour Z2 ride. However as times are not normal I’ve started using TR and riding indoors on a dumb trainer but with a crank based PM.
I picked a medium volume SSB plan but do think a regular long steady ride pays dividends so added that to my plan each week. I’m used to 12-16hr weeks so should be ok.
As I’m new to TR (but a long time listener to the podcast), I’d welcome suggestions for endurance workouts to be done on the turbo. I’d also appreciate advice on duration. I know that 2 hrs feels a very long time and I’ve done 3 a few times in my life, but can’t imagine wanting to repeat that often. I know from experience that 2hrs of strict Z2 on the turbo feels like a proper workout akin to 3-4hrs out on the roads.

SSB medium and high volume plans’ weekly tips contain suggestions for Sunday longer rides replacement. It has roughly same TSS, duration usually 2.5-3hr.


Not sure this is accurate, perhaps in RPE but not in kJ. Do you have any previous power records to see what you do on a long outdoor Z2 ride?

Z2 indoor vs outdoor are closer than you might think but I might not recommend a >2hr trainer ride. Maybe try a Z2/Z3 combo ride. All depends on what your goal is by doing long Z2 rides. :+1:


There is another topic about how to cope with long indoor rides:

But yeah, whatever you do, outside rides will feel easier.


Couple of different progressions, depending on if you’re trying to raise your endurance pace or endurance duration.

If pace - then you can try Fletcher until you get that one locked down, then go to Brasstown and then finally Andrews

If duration, Fletcher->Gibbs->Koip->Conness->Ptarmigan. I don’t ever schedule over 3 hours on the trainer so that’s where my knowledge drops off - if you want more extend cooldown works a treat


Mount Blackburn, Longfellow and Vogelsang are recent ones I have done. I think those are all sub .7 IF.
There are also quite a few 5hr ones as well.

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I haven’t done any 2.5-3.75 hour TR workouts, but for 2 hour Z2 like Baxter +2. The power level changes every 3ish minutes and keeps it engaging. I find the 2 hours goes by pretty quickly. If you like to zone out and do 15ish min intervals with the same IF there are a bunch.

This weekend I did Longfellow, which is a 4 hour Z2 ride. The power level changes every 14-15 min and I was kinda able to zone out during the intervals and just cruze along in Erg mode. I took a couple short breaks to hit the bathroom and refresh food and drunk, but no longer than 2-3 min each. TR said it was 3200 calories (!) and felt like I did a 5-6 hour outdoor Z2 ride. I was thinking doing 2 x Baxter +2 = 4 hours or Baxter +2 and Baxter = 3.5 hours might be interesting to try too. I’m definitely feeling the baxter love, at least for now.

Uh huh. Yeah I’d also have to be drunk to do a 4hr Z2 trainer ride! :beer::beer::beer::beer:


:+1: It might have helped.

I had some tunes playing and went up Alpe de Zwift 3+ times to keep me entertained. I don’t normally go that long but it was raining and I’m trying a new-to-me training experiment.

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You might like Perkins as well: it is similarly varied but with slightly higher TSS & IF. Duration is still same, though. Also one of my favorites.

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This, maybe Round Bald +2? 3x20min tempo then the rest at 65% to make it up to 2 hours in total.

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Thank you, that looks like a good one too. I’m trying a block of high-volume z2 rides for a couple of weeks as I have a bit of free time and wanted to experiment. The current plans are a lot of baxter and some colosseum. Perkins looks like a nice option to go slightly higher or lower TSS/IF with the variants. I’ll have to give it a shot.

I did Boarstone (+3 because I wanted slightly more of a challenge) yesterday and I didn’t hate it. I got up and off the saddle to stretch a couple of times but overall, it was a lot better than I expected. Have gone deep into the Below Deck rabbit hole, though, that also helped pass the time.