Long Off-season best practices: Creatine + B-Alanine Supplementation

No weight gains. You don’t need to read it. If you have a meticulous way to control for variables, just do it and compare.

2 Weeks Later

1-2 lbs weight gain so far


I’m 2.5 weeks in at 5g/day, 1.5 week post-loading period of 20g/day.

My weight is now down 1.3lbs.

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Is anyone that is supplementing creatine monitoring changes in bloodwork?

I just got bloodwork done for the first time in a good while and one of the things I noticed is my creatine level is on the lower end ( .70 ) of the “good” range ( .6 - 1.29 ). Haven’t talked to my Dr about it yet and was just curious.

No, I eat a lot of protein everyday which would be the first thing I’d look at before using creatine for helping your blood work.

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That sounds like the creatinine range? Creatine and creatinine are not the same and usually don’t correlate.


You’re right, oops. Thanks

Some weight came off this week after the big ride I did on Saturday, so I think I’ll be equal or lower. I’ll post the data this week. :wink:

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They actually do: the more muscle you pack and/or the more creatine you eat/supplement the higher the creatinine and inversely the same is true

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It’s ok I can always n=1 you.


meticulous way to control for variables


Some weight came off this week after the big ride


It depends on which form of creatine is used. Creatine monohydrate is the better alternative and usually don’t affect creatinine levels any significant amount.


Well, I’m accomplishing what I wanted, which was to not gain weight while on Creatine. I’m not doing anything different, like any other year, weight goes up and down 2 or 3 lbs from target, based on hydration, carbs, etc.


Noted: Added sustained release BAlanine :muscle:t3:

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Same. 3g twice a day.

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You should weight the average and look at a trendline not daily weight.

Why do you choose to cycle off for your important events? To be better able to manage your hydration?

The theory is it can lead to losing some weight because of less retained water. Haven’t personally seen that impact for me.

(Vice Versa, some people report that it causes some weight gain when they start taking it)

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Unless you have a race in 10 days or so. It doesn’t matter. You could do 1.6/day and you’ll get there, the concentration levels have an upper limit.

Weight has stabilized, I suspect I can drop 3-4 pounds 2 weeks before race.

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Weight Check: 140lbs
Squat: 210lbs x 6
Deadlift: 280lbs x 6

This stuff works!

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