Lockdown - my A events cancelled. What training program?

Proceed to Build phase or start SSB again?

As the title says. My next event is October having seen 2x Centuries and the Maratona cancelled this summer.

I’m just about to complete SSBII MV - i switched up from low volume when lockdown started. I live in spain and outdoor cycling is not permitted.

So i’ve read here that SSB cannot not be over-emphasised and multiple iterations of the SSB program are recommended. Should i now switch to Build phase or repeat SSB, probably mid volume.

i’m due a ramp test finishing SSBII though i tend not to do ramp tests as i feel i know when i need to move the FTP up in relation to how i’m completing the workouts. Having done Lamarck yesterday i think ~5W bump on FTP might be in order.

With regards to moving back to the beginning of SSBI, the TSS starts week 2 relatively low -363 vs 457 for the Sustained power build. More TSS and Build or lower TSS and SSB1?


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