COVID-19, Quarantine, and Adjusting Training Plans

So it seems like some type of quarantine is inevitable for at least parts of the USA, and it has already started around the world. Twitter has already told it’s 4,800 employees to “work from home.” If we get told not to leave your homes and have all that extra time - how would you adjust your training without burning out?

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We won’t have time to train.

We’ll all be busy freaking out, hoarding food, supplies, and ammunition.

Update on 3/18/2020:


lol at not leaving your home.


Better not workout so that your food will last longer


Haha! Well, that is all BEFORE you can’t leave. Once you are stocked up, can’t go into work, and just have to sit around all day… I will want something to keep me busy!!

Guess it will be a good time to cut weight! Haha

freaking out, hoarding food, supplies and ammunition has already begun. Check prices and availability…

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I’m in quarantine / self isolation as I was skiing in North Italy last week.

All I’m doing in adding low intensity filler / actually doing the prescribed Pettits etc and taking advantage of the extra sleep by not having to commute to work - usually have to get up at 4:15am to train, commute is 1hr each way, work day c.10-11hrs. We also have A LOT of canned food (wife’s social group semi freaking out).


I’d use the extra time to put in some longer outdoor rides.


i’d definitely have more time to workout, and nap.


I seriously doubt that would happen here. I don’t think as a country we are as organized as China. Widespread quarantines would be extremely unlikely in the US imo.

But, playing along hypothetically…I think I would go for an extended endurance block, hopefully outside as the weather seems to have just turned recently. 60-80 mile days, 6 days a week. Preferably with a brewery stop in the last quarter of the ride somewhere. That may be at home at the end of the ride depending on how serious the quarantine would be.


Yea I don’t think there will be a hard marshal law style quarantine. More like our jobs just tell us not to come into the office or whatever.

But also yea I think I would just add in as much endurance as I could. Since the shorter Sweet Spot/V02 is better when you are time crunched anyway. Not like you can sustain hours and days of that back to back.

Don’t forget the other part of the training equation. Rest and recovery. Maybe practice on the yoga, meditation, extra sleep and foam rolling. There will be so much time for activities.


If I get quarantined, I’ll finally get zwift and do 4 hour rides daily


Spent the last week on business continuity planning!

Assuming a precautionary quarantine/ work shut down, and not because I’m sick, I’ll be treating it as a training opportunity to be honest! No commute will mean more sleep/ rest.


I travel often for work and this week have been grounded. I took advantage and went for a beautiful ride in the woods and on the river! I can get used to not traveling!


I like this thread because people here looking on the bright side and turn a bad situation in something positive :smile: :+1:t2:


I’ve been upping the amount of work from home recently anyway, so this virus thing is a bonus. I’m getting loads more riding done, eating better, spending more time with the family and getting a lot more work done as well now i don’t have to commute 3.5 hours a day and sit with a load of coughing dullards.


I’m not taking the train down to the office for the forseeable future so I’ve gotten in some extra hours too :rofl:


I usually travel 10ish nights a month, and have been grounded until at least end of March. Pretty sure my wife is gonna get sick of me by then lol.