Continue with Build or start over with SSB post Covid?

Hi Community,

Should I continue with the Build phase of my training plan or start over with SSB 1 after Covid?

Context below:

  • Started mid volume rolling hill race plan Aug 7 - adhered 100% to plan
  • Got Covid on Nov 25 - took almost 4 weeks off from all exercise (longest exercise gap in 5+ years)
  • Eased back in with Taku, Bald Knob, and Echo -4 week of Dec 21 - struggled a bit more than before but completed the workouts
  • Tried something more challenging with Geiger -1 today and was not able to complete it

Looking forward to sound advice – Thanks

If you aren’t working toward a specific event in the first half of 2021, I’d start over. Honestly if it were me, even if I had an event in 1H21, I’d probably start over. I make some of my best gains in SSB 1&2

Yes, start over with SSB. You always want to ease back into training after an illness.