Any outstanding issues after Windows 11 upgrade (Standard & Legacy)?

Assuming that windows 11 is ok for the regular TR, right? I just know what my parents always said about assuming…

Also, curious if the legacy version is also compatible.


Works fine for me


Anyone running TR app on Windows 11 having issues with the latest update (2021.49.104)? I launched the previous version today to do a workout, saw that there was an update, and restarted to get the update. Latest version gets stuck on the screen that says “Preparing to make you faster”. If I uninstall and reinstall previous version, it works. But because the updates are automatic, once I complete my workout using the previous version, I’m back to the current version that does not run on the next launch. Spent about 1 hour on chat with Support, but no luck. Was hoping it might be some Windows 11 setting, but I can’t find anything.

Any recommendations?


Please check in with! Sorry for the trouble.