Workout videos on new desktop app

Before the new desktop app when I select a workout that has a workout video that goes with it, it ask me to select the file and display it on the TR window stoping the play if I stop the workout, in the new app I can´t find a way to do it, do you remove it?

What specific videos?

like Sufferfest, Cycle-Club, etc

Videos that comes with some third party workouts like Cycle-Club or Sufferfest, I have several from Cycle-Club H.I.T. training that I love and before TP App ask me to select the file, now it doesn’t

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Sufferfest video workouts were removed quite a while ago, as far as I know.
I am unsure about the Cycle-Club ones.

I suggest an email to for a more direct connection and they will respond promptly with an answer.

The last version of the desktop app ask me to select the video file each time I load the Cycle-Club workout, the last time I use it was 2 weeks ago before I update to the new desktop app, and now It does not.
I already write to support hope they can help.

Thank you Chad.

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Hey @edealba,

Unfortunately, we have removed support for Video Workouts in the newest version of the application :pensive:.

The good news is that you can download the Legacy version of the app if you would like to continue using video workouts. Just follow this link to download the Legacy version:

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Thank you very much

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Longtime user here (since 2013). TR User: rmhoff

Just so TrainerRoad knows, I still have a bunch of old workout videos that I still really enjoy using whenever the workout style of that video happens to match with whatever TR workout I need to do that day. I’ll sub them in every now and then. (Or sometimes if I want to do a race simulation.) When Sufferfest workouts got dropped from the inventory, I copied all of them and created my own custom version of them that I can still sync to the old videos I have. Bottom line is that I’m kinda bummed that video support got dropped on the new windows app. So I’m going to continue using the legacy app.

I know I’m just one person; and if everyone else is cool with no video support, that’s cool. Just wanted to let ya’ll know.


Hi - have been an off and on TR user for about 3 years using the original Kickr.

Thing I loved about the old app was the ability to use the workout creator integrating that with video & music from my favourite rides or just random cycling videos from wherever.

My question is will the legacy app be supported by TR into the future - losing the video integrated with music and where everything just works would be a deal breaker for me and I suspect others.

Don’t need the Calendar so not sure I want to upgrade, now or ever - so will us happy campers with the old version be allowed to train on blissfully into the future?
best, Andrew

We have no intentions of doing away with the Legacy versions of the application :slight_smile: These versions play an important role for people who are on older equipment, older computer hardware, and in your case, are active users of features that have been phased out.

By keeping them around, we can be sure that we keep all of our users happy :+1:.


Totally agree. I’ve been out of commission for a few months (caught mono. yay.) and I’m just getting back into it. I’ve made lots of custom videos and was super bummed to see they were no longer supported. Very happy TR will be keeping the legacy version around, but less happy that it’s now on a version that won’t, I assume, be seeing active dev.


100% agree. I do like the new app (in fact so much I’m on the Beta channel). But there are often times when I want to do an old-style S’Fest workout with the video integrated. Would be nice if it were in the new app, but at least we have a fallback in the Legacy App.

BTW - for anyone who uses a Bluetooth headset, I found a workaround even in the new app. Using the VLC player, the start or stop controls on my headset let me pause and restart the video. Actually pretty easy to do a rough manual sync at the start, and then refine during the warmup intervals until it is near perfect.

I take it back - not having the videos in sync really sucks!
For some reason I can’t get my new Saris H3 to work with the Legacy app. No idea why, just refuses to connect via Ant+ or barfs,
I can manually fiddle with pause buttons on the new or Beta apps, but that gets old rapidly.
Out of desperation, I started the Rouvy free trial which came with the trainer, and that still has a usable video window. The training app is nowhere near as nice and clean as TR, but it works and syncs.
TBH - I don’t even need TR to bring back their own video window, just provide a way to auto pause/restart an external player (VLC or Media Player) when the trainer session pauses.
I’m not sure if this alone would be enough to make me leave TR after so many years as a user - but it may do. I can appreciate it’s easier for the coders not to have to worry about this, but at what point does losing users for that convenience become a bad trade off.

  • That seems like a request that should be made to the relevant media player developer.
    • How is TR supposed to connect to an external app that they don’t run or control?

Actually doable in fact. But either way, the removal of the video view/sync ability which TR used to include is clearly something a few people do miss. Hooking into the start/pause controls of an external player was just an idea if the TR devs really don’t want to include their own media playback window (which TBH, also isn’t that hard code wise either)

Sure, anything is possible in theory. I didn’t say it wasn’t possible.

I did ask how, because I am curious how it would work. Presumably TR would need direct contact with any/all players they want to interface with? It is something that blends internal TR dev and external with whomever for the app.

If the above is all correct, it seems a bigger ask than something purely internal. I get the point of thee request in general. It’s in TR’s hands to review and prioritize against all the other work they have in mind.

Sadly - this one has proved a showstopper for me. Just cancelled by TR subs which I’ve been a happy user for around 10 odd years. But other apps still have a sync’d video window, and TR don’t see it as fitting their model now.
Cheers all and and enjoy your training and riding

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Synced video support allow for new content explorations and other business models, etc. Trainerroad benefited from that activity (eg. Sufferfest, that other one that had videos) in the past but doesn’t seem to support it now which is disappointing.