Restore Old Training Plan Functionality!

How many users in the Forum are frustrated with the calendar and want the old style plan functionality back?

Here’s what I want:

  1. I choose a new plan. (Say, Short-Track XC, Low-Volume)
  2. Trainer Road assigns the workouts to dates as per the selected program.
  3. When I open the app, it shows completed workouts, and the NEXT workout, regardless of whether or not the assigned date has passed.
  4. From inside the workout, i can select any variant of that Workout such as +1, -1 etc…
  5. I complete the workout and TR updates my account. (And social and Strava, TP, whatever)
  6. TR then reflows the workouts based on the completed workout date from #5.
  7. I close the app and go back to my day.
  8. Next time I open the app, I see the updated plan dates, and the next schedule workout.

It was simple, easy, and worked just fine before.
The calendar is a PAIN IN THE ASS, and frankly doesn’t help me plan anything since is doesn’t sync to anything.
I might as well use Golden Cheetah (for free) if I have to manually manage workouts. (which also syncs to my iCal)

I’m finding it VERY hard to recommend TR to new riders because of the calendar.
Figuring out plans is hard enough for people. Having to read help files to try to figure out the poorly executed calendar will not help you gain new members. It will drive them away.

New riders (or most riders) just want to turn on their equipment, connect their app, and start riding.

Turn on the app, do your training, or don’t, just go ride, then go back to the training next time you want to.

TR requires a serious overhaul to restore what was a great, simple way to train.



I for one don’t think the change was that big on this point. Plus you mention a point that has never been functionality at all. As far as I know we’ve never been able to choose the +1/-1 versions like that. Plus, when you open the app it shows the calendar, which 1: has the completed workouts, 2: has the next workout. So you either skip the workout after missing them, or swipe your finger a few centimeters at most and there is your workout. I feel like at least half of the points you make are still fully possible and the others are like doable with the lowest amount of effort. The calendar is NOT a pain in the ass, not having it sync doesn’t mean you can’t plan anything, plus I’m sure calendar syncing is on the roadmap.

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I am happy with the new Calendar and prefer it to the “Bingo” card plans of old.

Edited to add a link to expanded comments about the criticism of people wanting the old functionality, which I fully understand and support. This was a huge change with no practical option or alternative for those users.


You seem very angry, Mike. I can only assume it’s because your keyboard caps lock key has broken.

Please don’t speak for the rest of us when you say what “people” want… I’m pretty happy with the calendar feature as it stands.


Not sure if you have an issue with your device but points 1-8 all seem to happen for me when I use TR.

You aren’t the only one. Suggest you file a support ticket, I’ve seen TR comment they have plans to make happy the users that want previous “work down the list, not down the structured weekly plan” functionality.

On the other hand I prefer the calendar. I hated the previous version, if I completed the Friday workout on Wednesday it didn’t show that at all. I take every week and rearrange (Tue to Mon, Fri to Mon, Sun to Sat, etc), and the new Calendar actually works and shows each workout on the day I did it.

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I agree with you. I dislike the calendar. It’s frustrating. It actually has me thinking of cancelling TR because messing with the calendar is a pain. I just want to work through a workout one workout at a time at my own pace. Now if I miss week, it fast forwards me beyond and I really don’t want to mess with the calendar.

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@Kilaka suggest you file a support ticket and make your voice heard.

Here is exactly what Nate said about making folks like yourself happy:

@Juarez ^


Thanks. I may give it a go again. They’ve added more functionality to the calendar than there was before. I tried to move a week and it didn’t work and push wasn’t there. Now I think I can push it down and copy a week if I want to repeat it, which I am fine with or just push the week down if I get sick or whatever. When I first tried the thing was just a pain and I couldn’t really modify it the way I wanted.

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Here’s what I’ve struggled with - I used to use my smartphone for almost everything in TR. Now I have to use my computer which makes sense for planning but doesn’t make sense for day-to-day use. For example, I used to be able to see my triathlon swim and run workout descriptions on my smartphone within the app. It was easy to read. Now with my smartphone I have to view a webpage where I can’t even read the whole description. I have to go back to my computer and make notes on what the next mornings swim or run will be. It’s a pain and I hate to complain.


Expanded access and control on the mobile app is coming.

The entire calendar and controls we have everywhere is going to continue to change and have more features added.

We’ve already seen new features about every 2 weeks since the initial rollout. I think it’s important to see this as a beginning, not and end to what we will have.


I’m really liking the calendar and I am not a fan of the way things work in Zwift at all.

This is nice and allows me to look at what I’ve been doing, plan ahead, see what I haven’t done or have completed. I like being able to add in notes and plans for outside rides. I’ve got my holiday traveling blocked off and things setup around that. The totals to the right of the calendar are also nice, I’ve so far had no issues syncing things I’ve been doing to the calendar.

If continuing to offer previous functionality is preferable for some then hopefully that can be offered. But I like this step forward for the overall TR package.


I won’t go as far as say “I am cancelling” or “I can’t recommend it”. The product is great and it works.
But I want the older style back as well. I preferred it. I am exclusively on iphone/iPad. So my calendar is all screwed up. I now go to the training plans, look at what the next workout is, and search for it in the workouts. It takes 30 seconds to do it but it’s a PIA.


Is this because you’re not following a plan?

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I have to say I’m pretty happy with the calendar. Now I do use the PC as my main interface, so I don’t feel the frustration some of you iPad-only guys do. But I trust TR when they say they’ll be bringing the changes to phones and tablets. Let’s give them a chance, huh?

BTW, I have done the Sweet Spot I and II, both low volume, and my power to weight has gone up 18% as a result. That’s why I use TR, not the calendar feature :sunglasses:


I tried using calendar to follow a plan but if you have to move a workout or rearrange a week because you had surgery or went on vacation, I can’t do it on my iPad. It’s too much of a hassle to log in on the web and go through all that. So it is messed up and I gave up. Today, I just put the names of the workouts on my training peaks calendar and there it’s easy to rearrange. So now I just go to my TR app, look for that workout and do it.

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Humm. I haven’t had these issues. Sucks you are frustrated. The TR support is splendid. Keep working with them. I am sure your issues will get resolved.

I’d prefer to give my money to support a great company and it’s innovation. I might not like all of the new features but I support the company. I appreciate the plans, the thoughtful content and Chad drinking beer. Perhaps, I am drinking the kool-aid? As of today, it’s pretty tasty!

Hanging in there. It’s all about getting on the bike and getting fit.


Can’t you just login to the trainerroad website via your browser on the ipad and adjust your plan that way? (Haven’t tried it but it should be possible that way, no ?)


Can’t all that list not be done in the calendar? If I miss a day, I can scroll back in calendar and select it. Similarly, selecting a workout in the calendar, you can select workout variants? I use an Android TV box and that’s how I see it.

The only thing I find less intuitive is the match ride versus assign ride tbh. Everything else is the same or an improvement for me.

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I love the calendar, I like to be able to plan out all my workouts and then can move around easily when required for other things that pop up like illness or holiday.

I understand that app calendar is being worked on and when that rolls out it’ll be amazing but I have no issue logging in through the browser on iphone and working the calendar that way for now.