Last week of ssb2

I was a bit more time crunched than usual, so it’s sunday and I haven’t done Leconte or Wright Peak. I’ve done the other workouts this week. Would you suggest:

A) Just do Leconte, it’s higher intensity so should have higher priority
B) Just do Wright Peak, it’s longer so should have higher priority
C) Do Leconte today, and do Wright Peak tomorrow. The recovery week then starts with Pettit this Tuesday.
D) Do a combo workout:

Or even one of the disaster workout options. Proceed into recovery week as usual, as if I’d managed all the workouts this week. Looking to decide this within the day - which would be better? I have not skipped or missed any of the notable workouts except pettit one week.

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If you have the time today and tomorrow then I would go with option C. However, if you are really feeling the fatigue and are begging for that recovery week then I would do Leconte and maybe add some endurance (+/-70%) for maybe 20-30 min or so at the end for some extra volume.


If it was purely a time-issue I would do option C as well.
Then do less, or even nothing, tuesday. Something like dans or taku -1.

If you are tired and a bit run down just do whichever workout targets a limiter (would be wright peak for me) and run the recovery week as usual.

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Definitely oprtion D! Not because it is corretct option but I would like you to see someone doing this combination! :wink:

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Assuming you have the time, option C for sure. You could take Tuesday off, then progress with the rest of the recovery week as scheduled and probably be ok. That’s what I would do, and probably have done at some point.

Legs felt kind of dead (hard to spin above 80 rpm) even though Lamark went fine. Got through half of the workout today, recovery week it is. Heart Rate below normal for threshold intervals, so not sure if thats a good or bad sign.

Just finished week 5 of SSB2 MV. Have to admit, the last three workouts were pretty tough, but I persevered through them.

For me, Leconte was (weirdly) easier than Wright Peak -1.

Good luck!