Today wright peak or leconte?

Quick question on choosing workout for today. Doing ss mv base 2 currently. Yesterday too hot inside to finish leconte so stopped after an hour. Now have the option to do it again in full or continue with plan and do wright peak -1. What would you recommend 1,5h vo2 max with leconte or 2h sweetspot with wright peak. I would expect leconte to be more bang for bucks. Agree?

Sounds like you got through the bulk of yesterday’s workout. Move on and get Wright Peak ticked off.


+1 for doing Wright Peak.

You got through 2/3 of Leconte and Wright Peak is more TSS.

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Do both? But in all seriousness I would just move on with and not worry about the 1 set missed. If you feel too bummed do an aerobic ride before or after your workout

Thanks all - as the heat didnt go out I went for an outside ride inbetween clouds