Should I be cutting my SSB short?

I’m on week 5 of SSB LV2 . I’m also plugging in my own running (35km ish) on the off days. I was rolling along just fine until last weekend (Mary Austin -1 Saturday and 19k Sunday). I was feeling pretty beat up going into Spencer +2 on Tuesday . Finished it barely. Then I was effed. Classic me. Changed my speed run to easy and Lamark to a recovery ride. Wondering if I should power through and just do LeConte then hit my recovery week hard or if I just say that’s all the body has to give for this cycle and move on to recovery???

That’s quite a bit of training load.
If you can do a variation of LeConte, like Leconte -2 (only 1 hr), then give it a shot. However, there’s not enough marginal training adaptation that will come with that workout to warrant risking burnout, so it may be better to substitute in a recovery ride and get started early on the recovery week.

Moving forward, look at this as a learning experience. You now know that you can’t take doing the Low Volume plan alongside running for that long without beating yourself up. Training is equal parts impulse and recovery, and you may need to adjust your schedule to accommodate a little more recovery time.

Thanks Larry. That’s where I was leaning and getting that extra assurance helps my brain as a completionist. I’d love to hear on the podcast how to deal with over-doing it during a training block. Is the recommendation usually to take down the intensity or to just miss a few days and come back to full strength? Or maybe stop recover and repeat the week? Does a few workout misses make a difference during a 12w base build?

Either way… I saved my energy for a good slow long run that I would not have finished had I attempted Leconte. And now I go into my 30k running B race with more confidence.