A lot of fatigue at the end of SSBLV2, what to do?

Hi everyone,

Just wanted some input on how to proceed this week. Last week was my last week of intervals (Spencer +2, Lamarck, Leconte) in SSBLV2 before the recovery week (Petit, Beech, Andrews). I have felt fine through all the previous workouts but after doing Spencer +2 and Lamarck, I was feeling a bit more tired than usual. I got about 30 mins through Leconte yesterday and pulled the plug as I was just drained. Any ideas on how to proceed? Do I wait a couple days to do Leconte again or maybe just skip it and head into the recovery week before starting build?



Personally, I’d say just go forward with the recovery week. It sounds like you really need it. Focus on eating right and sleep for the week and enjoy the break. This should get you in the right mindset for the build phase and rest a bit before the coming FTP test.


Skip it and continu recovery week. If after that you still feel fatigued, just add another week of recovery type rides or a tempo ride. You won’t lose much fitness and because you’re fresher you’ll probably do better in the build phase.

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Awesome, thanks for the input @CaptainThunderpants and @PhydomiR! I’ll go that route.

In addition to eating right, you absolutely need to make sure that you’re consuming enough calories. On the days/weeks when my brain feels foggy, I can usually link that to some sort of overtraining or just not eating an appropriate quantity. Spencer, Lamarck, and Leconte put a HUGE hole in your calorie stores - those rides are nothing to mess with.


good point, I’ll make sure to eat enough. My sleep kinda sucked last week so I’m sure that didn’t help either.