Lactate test protocol

Did find some discussion on lactate testing but no protocol. We have access to a meter but lack the protocol, would it be possible via workout creator to create a test?

There are different types of tests. A few of us have put up results in the forum for step tests and MLSS tests. I’m not aware of any ready to go TR Workouts in the library so created my own with the creator tool (before it stopped working ).

Am sure you know there is great debate on what the “best” lactate testing protocols are so will leave that for you to decide.

Some results in this thread: MLSS Test: Result #1 of a planned series

Mr. @Bioteknik has made some nice contributions there and you can see the protocols we have shared along with some data sets.

Good luck and happy testing!!


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I simply cannot get enough blood from earlobe using 28g lancet with lancet device (set on the biggest).

Does anyone else have that problem?

I use 26g on myself. For other I’ll start with 28g and switch to 26g if they aren’t good bleeders.