Kona Learnings, L-Carnitine's effect on Performance, Tapers and much more – Ask a Cycling Coach 230

Join us live for Episode 230 of the Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast where we’ll share what we learned at IRONMAN World Championships, the effect of L-Carnitine on endurance performance, how to alter your taper for specific races and much more. Tune in to YouTube this Thursday, October 24 at 8 am Pacific!

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@Nate_Pearson I’ve seen water bottles go flying on a couple of group rides in Napa - there are a lot of potholes on Chiles Pope Valley Road descent maybe 5 miles before coming into Pope Valley. Also had it happen locally on crappy roads at high speeds.

Switched to Xlab’s Gorilla XT cage and bottles don’t move, I’ve used them both inside the triangle and triathlon style hanging off the seat:


I just use a loop of para-cord to hold rear bottles in place. They are easy to pull off, but it does take a second motion that you wouldn’t need to a tight gripping cage.

I’m in with a 2022 Ironman also!
Ironman course suggestions…Ironman Wisconsin, very hilly bike, very hilly two loop run, but the swim is flat. Great crowd support. Second week in September.
Ironman Louisville, rolling hill bike, three loop run course. Mid October


This year the swim was definitely NOT flat! Pro Jim Lubinski from LA said it was one of the toughest he has done with the chop. Wisconsin has awesome support and a good run, but it’s really hard to beat the Louisville finish line noise and music.

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I think you should look at Ironman Mont Tremblant.


Another vote for Ironman Louisville… plus easier Kona Qualifier because other qualifiers are at Kona. And finally, well… Bourbon!

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You guys training up for Ironman will be interesting. I believe two of you, with the right focus, have potential to qualify for Kona, the other may have a rockier path.

This one is a bit out there, but you should come and do Ironman Busselton, in Western Australia. It’s apparently voted one of the most popular IM courses, best atmosphere, and highest on the ‘I’ll be back’ scales.
It doesn’t have the cycling elevation you are looking for, but the run is pan flat.
It’s on the first weekend in December, the weather is incredible, and hey, you get to try Coopers beer!

I’m about to go do my first IM there in 6 weeks - I’m super keen to hear how you guys go getting into triathlon again! Loved the Kona series.


Here’s the IM you’re looking for:

The 4 lap run course is pretty flat and is spectator lined all the way. Bike course has the hills you want and also runs right along the coast for some spectacular views. It’s in Port Elizabeth so while you’re there, you can take in a nice safari at Addo Elephant park.

You won’t be disappointed with this event.

On the Ironman are you sticking to a USA IM or willing to travel?

IM Louisville would be good, except the last 3 years the weather has not been good. Cancelled swim this year, shortened swim and 40 degree rainy weather last year, cold, rain, and wind the year before that…

Maybe look at Arizona or Mt. Tremblant.

For bottle cages.

King cages work great not sure why anyone would need to add add grip tape.

Arundal mandible

I’ve had both for years on many bikes and never lost a bottle. I race cx road and gravel.

If you angle the cages so they are between 45 and 90 degrees, they don’t bounce out as much, instead of sticking straight up.

Also, if you’re just using them to refill a hydration bottle between the aero bars, if you’re really worried it doesn’t hurt to have a rubber band helping to secure it before you need to grab it and empty it into the front reservoir.

No issues with Arundel cages. TT bike with rear cages.

+1 for IMMT, wetsuit swim, serene lake, good bike course and flat, mostly shaded out and back run (although 2x), later in the year. Awesome venue and crowd support.

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+1 for X-Lab Gorilla Cages. I’ve had them for years and never ejected a bottle even on rough Texas roads.

I have lost plenty of bottles and tried a few different set ups. I didn’t like the Tacx seat mount, too bulky, and have settled on the specialised swat mount, the angle means the the gorilla cages don’t work, had bottles fall through, also for triathlons that don’t put water in sports bottles they also fall straight through. I am using the elite cages and elite fly bottles with none lost to date