Kona IM World Championship Bike Plan

I’m looking for a plan on TrainerRoad that will mimic the Kona bike route. Is there a name of a plan that I can select to give me that bike workout?

Plan or workout? Using a power meter you don’t have to worry about the profile. Just ride for 4:45-5:25 @65-75% of threshold.

I do not have a power meter. My bike is just on a Kickr Snap. What I’m hoping to do is find a bike workout that will match the Kona bike course.

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Get the course download from BestBikeSplit

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Is BestBikeSplit an app?

Website! :slight_smile:


Awesome. I found it. Thank you!!! But since I’m somewhat technologically declined, how do I get that plan into my TrainerRoad app? Please keep in mind that handheld calculators first came out when I was graduating from high school. IT savvy isn’t the easiest for me.

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You need a laptop or desktop I think. Download the TR app (and Workout Creator perhaps?). Then drag the file from BestBikeSplit into the TR app.

The file from bestbikesplit needs to be downloaded in the mrc format…

I’m afraid I’ve never done it nor used the Workout Creator, so I’m not much help beyond that.:grimacing:

Try emailing support@trainerroad.com if you get stuck.

There is one workout already in the BestBikeSplit Team workouts on TrainerRoad that’s 5:28:00, based on an FTP of 255. Getting your own through BBS with your own stats is probably better, but maybe one option for you.