Riding to a Power Plan

So today I did my first simulated outdoor ride. I got a map in Ride with GPS, sent it to Best Bike Split along with my FTP data from TrainerRoad, and loaded it into my Elemnt which was paired to my Kickr:

All went well. I could not work out how to make the Elemnt run the Kickr in Erg mode, so it was in resistance mode the whole way. Am I missing something, or is that not possible?

Anyways, resistance mode may be the best way to simulate the great outdoors, as I have to use my cadence and gears to produce the right output power. I found it very hard to stay at or below the BBS recommended power levels, and was always having to pull myself back. I guess that’s normal, and the whole idea of BBS is to pace yourself at the start so you have energy left at the end.

I think I just need to suck this up and learn from it, as that’s the way it is on the road. I can load a BBS plan and it can advise me, but I need to keep the power on or below plan. I’m curious what other people on this forum have found. BTW, I used the screens on the Element that BBS recommend:

Aslo curious what other peeps do in this respect.

PS is there any way to export from Training Peaks to TrainerRoad? The Element connects straight to TP but not to TR, and I’d like to update my calendar with as much data as possible.

I’m not sure we understand what you’re asking. What is your question?

@Psychopasta you can create a TR workout from your BBS plan. It’s easy to do, see this post for more info…

I guess I’m looking for confirmation or not that people find it difficult to remain at or below the intended target. Relative to the BBS plan I am almost always at a higher power. My guess is that this is where I should be, as I should be conserving fuel for the second half and so finding the first half ‘too easy’ is just part of the discipline I need to learn.

When I’m in Erg mode it’s not a problem of course. Erg mode keeps me right at the target power. In Resistance mode, and in real life, I have to use my gears and cadence to achieve the target power. I just find that unless I keep a Froome-like watch on the power meter readings, I will always exceed the target power. I guess that’s normal, just looking for others’ experiences.

Hey @oggie41, thanks! I have a BBS subscription, and have created TR workouts from routes. What I’m doing now is using my BBS plan on by Wahoo Elemnt, which is controlling the Kickr. This is a precursor to getting back outside, hopefully next month, to use my BBS plan on the road.

BBS lets you export your plan into TrainerRoad as a custom workout using the workout builder download, then use your regular settings to use it in erg mode. If you know this I apologise I may have missed something.

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